Brentwood Appliances Electric Sandwich Maker Review

If you don’t love toasted sandwiches, I can only assume that you don’t have a sandwich maker.

They are possibly the most popular food item in my house.

I try to keep us all on a relatively low-carb diet most of the time but on cheat days, we’re all about the toasted sandwiches.

I’ve been testing a few sandwich makers recently and the Brentwood Appliances Electric Sandwich Maker caught my attention because of its fantastic price but how did it measure up?

Brentwood Appliances Electric Sandwich Maker Review 1

It’s A Global Phenomenon

By the way, sandwiches aren’t just an American thing.

In fact, the toasted sandwich is beloved around the world and you can get some great ideas for fillings from other cultures.

Check these toasties from around the world video here. Now, hopefully, that’s got you in the mood for a sandwich toaster.

Budget Toasties Are Just Fine

The Brentwood Appliances Electric Sandwich Maker is cheap. Like less than $20 cheap.

Which makes it a very appealing purchase for the cash-strapped.

I was quite surprised to find that it wasn’t cheap-feeling though. It’s not as robust as a $100 sandwich maker but it’s perfectly solid for occasional family use.

Brentwood Appliances Electric Sandwich Maker Review 2

The plates also were scratch resistant so as long as you clean it carefully – you won’t find your sandwiches sticking to it.

It also looks fine when it’s left on a countertop. It is a little slower than the top of the range models to heat up but once it’s hot – it cooks just fine.

I think you’d find it hard to get a better value sandwich toaster than this one.

You can buy the Brentwood Appliances Electric Sandwich Maker online.

Want to get the best sandwich maker for your needs? Check out our favorite sandwich makers here.


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  3. Nice to win

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  8. Boy does this look good for sandwiches.

  9. A grilled cheese sandwich can be fixed a thousand ways and all taste different …. try some… mmm good..

  10. Looks like a great sandwich maker !

  11. Mmmm this would be so nice for my family

  12. Had one , but not Red!, many years ago, would love and need another one, especially cause its Red!!

  13. A Red Sandwhich Maker…always wanted one!

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  17. I love sandwiches with tomato ? soup

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  24. I love hot sandwiches in the fall and winter. Great fill-in meals!

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  26. We eat a lot of sandwiches in the summer because it is just so hot to cook, this would be perfect.

  27. I can really use this; love to try new things; out with the old in with new/fingers crossed!!!!

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