Brentwood Sandwich Maker Is A Bargain Breville Clone

According to my friend Alice, who is English, the name “Breville” is synonymous with toasted sandwiches in Great Britain.

She says that if the queen herself were to snack on a ham and cheese toastie, she would refer to the sandwich maker as a Breville.

I know this because she mistook my Brentwood Sandwich Maker for a Breville. She says it looks just like one.

(I am not sure how many design choices there are for sandwich makers but Alice is very particular about this.)

brentwood sandwich maker

But does it make a sandwich as good as a Breville? Let’s find out what Alice thought.

Greg’s Kitchen’s Chill Out Sandwich

Greg’s Kitchen has been paying attention to the legalization of marijuana around the United States and they’ve invented a toasted sandwich for “stoners”. Of course, there’s no need to have a toke before you eat these.

Alice and I certainly didn’t but this is a great recipe.

What Alice Had To Say About The Brentwood Sandwich Maker

“It’s a bit cheaper built than a Breville but when I learned about the price, that wasn’t a surprise. It’s surprising how good it is at such a low cost to be fair. The sandwiches themselves were nice and evenly cooked and when we went to clean the Brentwood, the plates were easy to clear and didn’t scratch. So, I give this a thumbs up!”

I give this a thumbs up as well.

The Brentwood is a bargain sandwich maker and the fact that it competes with “Breville” is high praise from a British person. We recommend this for use in your home.

For information on additional sandwich makers and panini grills don’t miss our Guide to Sandwich Makers.


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