Brewberry Cordless Electric Glass Kettle Review

The Brewberry Cordless Electric Glass Kettle is a delightful additional and a wonderful kitchen conversation piece.

I’m a big coffee person. And I’m a tea person. Heck, I just love hot drinks. I’ve even been known to make packet soup in a pinch when I’m thirsty.

I can’t think of anything more essential in the kitchen than a kettle. It’s the first thing everyone should buy before anything else (though it might be a good idea to buy at least one mug at the same time). You can find our comparison of kettle and tea maker product options and our top picks here.

Kettles Are Boring, Though

The issue, however, is that kettles are boring. They’re no fun. You buy a kettle. You put it on the side and unless you’re filling it with water or emptying it of water – you ignore it. That’s because it’s dull. It’s more fun watching paint dry than it is to watch a kettle boil.

That is until the Brewberry Cordless Electric Glass Kettle came along. Now, you can watch your kettle boil and see how the water reacts to the heat. That’s much cooler (excuse the pun) than it sounds.

Fluid dynamics are quite odd and there’s something very soothing about seeing water boil behind glass. You probably need to see it to believe it.

Kettles Are Everything You Need On A Budget

Flipkart argues that kettles are so big and bad that you can live your whole life using just an electric kettle.

I am not sure that I’d recommend that as an approach to life but I am sure that this video is worth 30 seconds of your time.

And most importantly, the Brewberry Cordless Electric Glass Kettle does get the water hot and in a sensible time frame.

So, it’s not purely decorative – it’s practical too. Check out the Brewberry Cordless Electric Glass Kettle online.


  1. that will be nice for drinking hot chocolate for cold winter with this electric cordless kettle to boil water with

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