9 British Recipes Your Family Will Love

In our research into the best British recipes the same dishes came up again and again.

The classic British recipes are typically comfort food rather than fancy or complicated gourmet dishes.

We are big fans!

Most British recipes are typically fairly easy to make and many of them are influenced by England’s colonial past around the world.

Roast Beef And Yorkshire Pudding is THE British Recipe

Gary Rhodes is one of the Britain’s most popular chefs and I once had the good fortune to eat at his restaurant in Dubai, his recipes are amazing!

This is his take on the most English of all meals; roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. The beef is so flavorful and I love the way that Yorkshire puddings let you make the most of the gravy you make! You have to try this!

Do you have a favorite British dish? Please share it in the comments below.

A Succulent Steak And Guinness Pie With Jamie Oliver

The British have a bad reputation for food despite having nearly all of the world’s best chefs.

There’s probably some sort of lesson in there but I am not sure what.

One of the internationally recognized cream of the British crop is Jamie Oliver and here he introduces us to elevated British recipes with his take on a classic Steak and Kidney pie!

This is one of my family’s favorite meals. What do you think?

Lancashire Hot Pot The Ultimate Stew From England

This is a massive dish over the pond and it’s now a massive dish in our family’s favorite foods rotation too.

The Lancashire Hot Pot supposedly hails from Lancashire, England though it’s fair to say that you can find variants of this British recipe all over the country.

If you like meat, stews, and delicate potatoes then this one is for you! It’s one of my husband’s favorite British recipes.

Once you’ve tried this, you’ll want to make it over and over again.

Everything You Need To Know About Salads From Jamie Oliver

The cheeky Cockney British chef isn’t everyone’s favorite but you can’t deny his love for salads!

In this video, he shares his own principles for making salads that don’t suck.

Do you agree with Jamie? Do you have any tips of your own for better salads?

There may be no more English dish than Fish and Chips and it’s something that the Brits do better than anywhere else in the world.

The thick crispy batter combined with big chunky chips (as opposed to our slender fries) are filling, tasty and reasonably nutritious (for a meal that’s been deep fried at least).

Check out what The Food Busker has to say about them here!

If you’ve not had fish and chips before, you’ve not lived. Why not whip some up for your family today?

Gordon Ramsay’s Eggs Benedict With Crispy Parma Ham

I didn’t think that there was any way on earth to make eggs benedict taste better.

After all, eggs, ham, butter, and muffins are all crafted by the hands of God to fit our tastes buds in perfection but somehow Gordon Ramsay has managed it. See for yourselves!

Don’t eat this too often, it’s so bad for you. But it tastes so good. What are your favorite food “sins”?

Gordon Ramsay’s Classic Shepherd’s Pie Is A Hit

Shepherd’s Pie is a British dish and it’s one of their most popular culinary exports.

As Gordon Ramsay explains in this recipe, the key to getting it right is all about the seasoning in the mince and not so much about the meat itself.

You can make it with either beef or lamb (though technically one made with beef is a cottage pie not a shepherd’s pie).

Easy way to remember? Farmers live in cottages and have cows – so Cottage Pie. Shephards take care of lambs – so Shephard’s Pie.

I’ve found the children absolutely adore shepherd’s pie.

If you want a little extra taste, don’t be afraid to grate some cheddar cheese onto the mash and pop it under the grill to brown.

Enjoy your Gordon Ramsey Shephard Pie!

Bubble & Squeak Is One Of The Classic Thrifty British Recipes

Bubble & Squeak is a British classic and it’s the perfect recipe for leftovers. All you need is some mashed potato leftover from a previous day and you have the base for it.

This recipe from How To Cook Great only includes some cabbage but I think it’s best if you throw in a bit of bacon too. It’s your call.

What do you think? Will this be appearing on your family’s table soon?

Pie And Mash With Liquor (No Alcohol Involved) Is Lovely

Liquor is a thick sauce served exclusively with pie and mash in the East End of London, England. There is absolutely no alcohol used in making liquor so please don’t worry about serving it to your family.

This is a very tasty and unusual dish and while my kids were a little reluctant to try it when they say the color of the sauce… they love it now.

Will you try this? Do you think your children would enjoy it?

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