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The Perfect Performance Cake Pan Set For The Perfect Cakes

Do you know what I love more than anything else? Baking. It’s the best thing you can do in any kitchen. It’s so easy and it smells so great and nobody ever turns their nose up at a homemade cake, do they? If you’re making cakes it’s essential you have good quality cake pan sets.

It’s funny though, many of my friends tell me that they’d love to bake like I do but they’re worried about the costs of buying cake pans. They really shouldn’t worry, it doesn’t have to be expensive to get started. In fact, this Wilton Perfect Performance Round Cake Pan Set is very reasonably priced.

High Quality Bakeware That Doesn’t Cost The Earth

It’s always best to ensure that you buy quality products for your kitchen. That’s not just because they last longer, though they do, but also because you want to consider safety in the home too. You don’t want a burn because something breaks while you’re using it. So cutting corners is a false economy.

However, the Wilton set comes with a lifetime warranty for the whole set. It’s made from Aluminum which is both strong and lightweight and it has a top quality non-stick coating (though please don’t clean it with wire wool if you want that to last).

It is worth noting that you have to clean these cake pans by hand, pure metal rarely does well for extended periods in the dishwasher. So, if you win them, please take care of them.

So, What’s In The Set?

You get three circular cake pans, a small, medium, and large format. Each one can be used to create an individual cake or you can combine all three to produce a tiered cake for a wedding cake. It’s your call.

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  1. I’m having trouble with clai.i g my winnings. Please let me know how to claim it. Thank you

  2. This is really a nice baking set. Ours is so old and beat up that it needs to be thrown away. Thank you for this opportunity to enter this contest.

  3. What some nice cake pans. Thank you for the opportunity to enter for a chance of winning!

    • Sorry, we’ve been having some technical issues – I will make this clearer but for the moment, it’s always the last two words on the page (often Enter Now) in the “Win It!” section. However, this sweeps won’t start until early June and there’s no “Win It!” section in the post, yet. Good luck when it opens.

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