Plum Coffee Cake

Plum Coffee Cake – Bringing Out The Brilliance Of Plums With A Little Extra...

I love plums. They’re such a delightful fruit. So juicy and sweet. Yet, you don’t see too many recipes for them and I was really pleased when I stumbled over this idea from Joy...
Sticky Coffee Ribs 

Sticky Coffee Ribs – Bring The Coffee To The Main Course

Coffee is a popular ingredient in desserts (and breakfasts!) but it’s not something you see too often in an entrée, right? Well, our friends at Spice and Pans are righting this oversight with this...
Coffee Cotton Sponge

Coffee Cotton Sponge – A Super Treat

OK, I think it’s fair to say that this sponge cake doesn’t exactly steal the show from a visual appeal perspective. However, having tried Michael Lim’s recipe I can tell you that it’s absolutely...
Coffee Mousse

Coffee Mousse – A Fresh Indian Take On An Old School Classic

I love Indian cooking programs. They’ve got so much class. They hearken back to a gentler era and I really love this recipe from Sanjeev Kappor Khazana’s channel for coffee mousse. It doesn’t hurt,...
four muffins with coffee

Muffins For Your Coffee Break – With A Hint of Coffee!

Coffee with coffee you say? Well, normally I might say you were pushing the boat out too far but these awesome muffins from Glen & Friends Cooking are just perfect with a cup of...
Easy Dark Chocolates

Easy Dark Chocolates (With A Coffee Center) – Taste Sensation With Booster Power

I love coffee. I love chocolate. Do you know how easy it is to recommend a recipe with both present? Very, very easy indeed. I make a lot of coffee at home – no...
This is an image of the surface of the Sisyphus Kinetic Art Coffee Table. It's an incredible invention.

The Coffee Table That Turns Your Living Room Into Living Art

Welcome to the future! This is Sisyphus – The Kinetic Art Table that makes every time you sit down for a coffee interesting! What do you think? Would you like one of these in your...

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