pioneer woman cooks

The Pioneer Woman Cooks – Ree Drummond Shows Us How It Should Be Done

I don’t think that there is any such thing as the perfect cookbook. Cookbooks come into fashion and fall out of it. They are just right for one occasion and overkill or...
Madetec Toaster 2 Slice Wide-Slot Toaster

Madetec Toaster – 2 Slice Wide-Slot for Bread, Bagels, Muffins, It Doesn’t Matter, It...

Toast is the perfect breakfast on the go. It’s also somewhat frustrating that your average toaster doesn’t like anything thicker than a slice of processed garbage bread out of a plastic bag....
toaster oven recipes sample

10 Toaster Oven Recipes That Rock

We've put together this list of 10 toaster oven recipes so you can enjoy the wonders of the toaster oven. Do you have a toaster oven? If not, maybe it's time you...
cork dork book review

Cork Dork Book Review

This Cork Dork book review fills a gap here at Kitchen Authority. It’s a funny thing but we haven’t talked much on Kitchen Authority about the perfect partner for food.
best tea recipes

10 Best Tea Recipes To Soothe The Mind & Body

These are the 10 best tea recipes according to the team at Kitchen Authority. There's countless tea recipes and many of them are fantastic but these are the 10 tea recipes our...
toasted sandwich recipes

Top 10 Toasted Sandwich Recipes of 2019

We love toasted sandwiches here at Kitchen Authority. We've reviewed a ton of sandwich makers that can help you in your pursuit of the perfect toasted sandwich or panini. Check out our...
vatican cookbook review

The Vatican Cookbook Review

Ever wondered about the favorite dishes of popes and saints? Curious enough to learn the dishes served at the Vatican table? For those who love to cook meals...
microplane grater

Microplane Grater Review | Best Cheese Grater of 2019?

The Microplane Grater falls soundly in the "essential" category of kitchen tools. There are "optional" tools in the kitchen and then there are the essentials. For us, at Kitchen Authority, we can’t...
Gibson Home ColorSplash Lyneham 5 Piece Carbon Steel Bakeware Set 

Gibson Home ColorSplash Lyneham 5 Piece Carbon Steel Bakeware Set Review

It feels like a while since we’ve featured a nice bakeware set on Kitchen Authority. That’s a shame because I think baking is what really makes a kitchen.

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