Hands holding compost of the kind you'd make from household waste.

Turn Food Into Fertilizer In 24 Hours At Home!

Seriously, this is amazing. We all know that composting food is the right thing to do but it’s a slow, tedious process and the smells it makes are not always desirable.
vegan burger costume

Impossible Foods Banks Celebrity Support for Meat Alternatives

Impossible Foods have closed another round of funding adding another $300 million to a nearly 750 million total in VC funding. Celebrity investment is pouring in from a...
Someone eating ice cream, without the soy sauce.

Soy Sauce And Ice Cream – Yum Or Yuck?

You can often bring two food groups together that people think will be disgusting and make something awesome. Think, peanut butter and jelly, for example, which British people think sounds terrible but Americans know is...
A glass of clear water with ice cubes to match.

How To Make Truly Crystal Clear Ice Cubes

I love putting ice cubes in drinks but I will confess. They always look a little bit "off" to me. That's because the impurities in the water, leave a mark on the surface. Then I learned...
A smiling woman in a kitchen, pleased with the cooking hack that she has used.

22 Incredible Cooking Hacks

5-Minute Crafts is a really cool channel dedicated to doing easy things in the crafting world. They don’t take on the kitchen very often but when they do, their content is really original. I love these...
Woman drinking mosi tea

Mosi Tea Multisensory Tea Infuser to Brew and Drink Loose-leaf Tea Anywhere

At Kitchen Authority we are continually scouring the InterWebs for new and interesting kitchen products. We love innovation and new design. And great marketing, as well. Mosi Tea recently...

15 Cooking Tricks You Only Learn At Chef School

Cooking is awesome fun but it’s amazing how much better it can become when you know a few tips and tricks to make life easier in the process. Here's Bright Side introducing 15 chefs who...
balut, a developing duck embryo in an eggvideo

The 20 Most Gross Foods People Eat Around The World

This isn't my list but I have to agree. Some of these are really gross, indeed. I wouldn't watch this with children or if you are prone to nightmares. So which do you think is...
a bacon cheese burger

You Ate The Burger, Now Eat The Box

That probably sounds like madness but it’s not. You will soon be able to eat the packaging that your food comes in. Check it out: Would you eat the wrapping for your food? I’d love...

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