Sweese Teapot Infuser

Sweese 2309 Teapot – Refined Classic Tea Excellence

If you’ve been following Kitchen Authority for the last few weeks; you’ll know I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect teapot. When I started my journey, I wasn’t really au fait with...
willow everett teapot infuser

Willow & Everett Teapot/Kettle – A Tea Maker’s Delight

As I am sure my regular readers will be aware, I have become something of a tea buff in recent weeks. I still love my coffee and it will always be the first drink...
Luxtea Teapot

The Luxtea Glass Teapot – Perfectly Serviceable But Not As Pretty As It Could...

I am on a bit of a tea tasting mission at the moment and it was with a certain amount of glee that I found that I would be testing the Luxtea Glass Teapot...

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