Classic Cuisine 18-Piece Bakeware Set: Everything You Need At A Very Low Price

Have you ever wanted to start baking but been put off by the costs of bakeware? Well, you don’t need to let that stand in your way anymore. This Classic Cuisine 18-Piece Bakeware Set is at a bargain price and it provides a whole heck of a lot of value.

There are an incredible 18 pieces of bakeware in the box which includes: 12 cupcake molds (in 4 different colors), a cookie sheet, a pie pan, a round pan, a muffin pan, a Bundt pan and a bread pan! That should keep even the busiest cook happy at home.

Baking Your Own Bread

It’s nice to see a bread pan included in a value bakeware set for once. Most of them seem to focus on cakes but bread is a staple part of most families’ diets and shop-bought bread is often the worst quality with the lowest nutritional value and making bread is so easy!

Doesn’t that look great? Well, I can assure you it tastes great. I know, it’s white bread but sometimes that’s just what you want. You can make brown bread and whole grain bread in a bread pan too!

So, How Does This Set Perform?

I like this set, it’s very good value for money at less than $20 and I don’t think you’re going to do better at that price and get as many items. However, that’s not to say there are no problems here.

The silicone sleeves feel a bit more flimsy that I am used to and I am not sure that this set is going to last forever. I may be wrong, I don’t use silicone all that often in my kitchen and while I had no problems here – I just feel there might be in the future. Also, the bundt pan is tiny, it really could use a bit more depth to it.

Overall, however, these are minor niggles. The Classic Cuisine 18-Piece Bakeware Set is the perfect starter bakeware kit and at that price, it’s brilliant.

You can find it on Amazon here: Classic Cuisine 18-Piece Bakeware Set

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  2. I bake all the time I would LOVE to add this to my baking collection 🌹😍please 😁

  3. This looks like a great cooking set. Would love to have to ..pass to spouse. She would love to have !!

  4. I haven’t cooked with Silicone yet, but I have read many good remarks about how much easier it is for baking and cleaning.

  5. Would love to win this for my daughter who just bought her first home and she need new baking supplies.

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