Classic Cuisine Ice Cream Maker Review

I can’t believe it! This Classic Cuisine Ice Cream Maker review is the first ice cream maker that we’ve ever featured on Kitchen Authority!

How did we leave it so long before we decided to test one of these out?

I don’t know but it’s something we intend to remedy now and we’ll be trying a few more in the future.

Classic Cuisine Ice Cream Maker Review

I love homemade ice cream. I even have a recipe from Nigella Lawson which doesn’t require an ice cream maker.

But this Classic Cuisine Ice Cream Maker promised to make it even easier to churn my own ice cream and that sounded good to me.

Let’s Get Classic With This Classic Cuisine Ice Cream Maker Review

Have you always wanted to make ice cream but have no idea where to start?

I know that feeling, it’s quite a daunting task.

Particularly, because if you get it wrong, it’s a huge waste of ingredients or you get to eat a lot of not so tasty ice cream.

So, I went with a classic recipe as proposed by Ronnie Woo in this video.

Who doesn’t like French Vanilla?

The Classic Cuisine Ice Cream Maker Results

OK, this is a budget ice cream maker but you get a lot for your money.

The Classic Cuisine Ice Cream Maker was very good at making ice cream and we also tried making a raspberry sorbet with it and that turned out fine too.

Classic Cuisine Ice Cream Maker

It is a little fiddly to clean but not so bad that it drives you crazy.

I think if my kids had their way, we’d use the Classic Cuisine Ice Cream Maker every single day of the year but for now, it’s going to stay an occasional treat.

Recommended! Get your Classic Cuisine Ice Cream Maker online today!

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  1. My name is Shelba, and the winner of the ice cream maker is Shelby. Is that me?
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