5 Classic Hungarian Recipes You Will Love

Here’s our 5 favorite classic Hungarian recipes. Hungarian food is world-famous for the simple reason that it’s super-delicious.

Hearty stews and soups that are good for the soul. Delicious desserts. Hungarians have an enviable food life. We love it!

Beef Goulash Is One Of Our Favorite Classic Hungarian Recipes

Want to eat something big, meaty and tasty?

Then you’re in the right place, today because Hungarian Goulash is all of those things.

This is a substantial stew from Eastern Europe and it’s perfect for winter’s evenings when everyone wants to warm up and feel better about the cold outside.

I love goulash and I bet you will too!

What’s your favorite winter stew?

An Unusual Version Of Hungarian Fisherman’s Stew

It’s always nice to see people tackling new ways of preparing a traditional dish. Get Fit With Mindy has decided to take on Halaszle which is a famous Hungarian Fisherman’s Stew and possibly the country’s most famous fish dish.

I like what she’s done with this and it’s a very healthy meal to prepare for a young family with growing kids.

Fish is really healthy. Do you eat enough?

Traditional Hungarian Goulash Soup

Hungarians love their goulash so much that they don’t just eat is a stew, they also make a soupy variant and it’s every bit as delicious as the thicker stew and much better suited to Autumn/Spring eating as it’s a little lighter on the palate.

I really enjoyed making my first batch of goulash soup and I thought this recipe was unique and delicious.

What other classic recipes can be adapted into other dishes?

Hungarian Semolina Dumplings For Soup!

If you’ve spent much time in Eastern Europe then you will know that they love to pop a few dumplings in their soup.

These are not sweet dumplings but savory ones and the base ingredient is semolina flour. If you get them right they are super way to add depth and bulk to nearly any soup or stew.

I like this recipe from HomeChef for them:

Have you tried dumplings before? Will you now?

Langos (Hungarian Fried Bread) Is So Tasty!

This is definitely for those on a diet but if you’re looking for a tasty but unusual treat for your family, or just to snack on in front of the TV… then look no further than Langos a fried bread recipe from Hungary.

I’ve tried the recipe over at Hungarian Tidbits and I loved it. Now that’s what I call a classic Hungarian recipe.

This is one of the most popular classic Hungarian recipes in the country and you’ll soon discover why – it’s a taste explosion! So, so, good. Try it yourself!

I’ve always felt that food from Eastern Europe was under-appreciated.

Do you think there are any other countries whose cuisine deserves more recognition than it gets?

Traditional Hungarian Chicken Paprikash The Corner Stone Of Hungarian Cuisine

Sure, goulash is more famous but this is the meal that you’re going to find most often in traditional Hungarian homes and that’s because it’s absolutely delicious. It’s truly one of the classic Hungarian recipes.

Your whole family will dance for joy when this hits the dining table and then they’ll be begging for more when they clear their plates.

If you’re looking for something interesting to do with chicken, look no further!

We eat chicken so often at home that it’s nice to be able to add a little excitement to it.

What do you think?