Cline Cellars Winery | Ancient Vines & Family Roots

Cline Cellars Winery is a family-run winery in Sonoma County – one of the many jewels of Northern California. I have a deep love for Santa Rosa nearby for reasons not untirely unrelated to wine.

Cline Cellars Winery | Ancient Vines & Family Roots 1

Cline Cellars is well known for their dedication to sustainability. They are second largest winery in California that is 100% solar powered. Their family farming processes extend to natural cover crops and more.

One of the highlights of the Cline Cellars Winery is the Tasting Room. It’s a neat set-up in a rustic 1850s farmhouse. Surrounded by six beautiful ponds and literally thousands of rose bushes this is a place of memories.

Many weddings have been celebrated on the property.

Definitely worth the trip!


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