We The Planet Baking Mitts – Keeping Your Hands Safe In The Kitchen


I realized this weekend that we hadn’t turned our attention to an important item of kitchen safety – baking mitts. I will also acknowledge that this is, in part, because it’s very hard to write a long review of baking mitts.

However, in the interests of our readers’ health – I am going to wax lyrical about The We The Planet Baking Mitts today. Then I am going to ignore baking mitts for a very long time to come.

Something Awesome To Bake

Before we get to baking mitts. We ought to spend a moment thinking about what we will spend our time baking because that’s more fun than a pair of gloves you wear in the kitchen. I am going to go with a classic recipe for a classic sponge. The Swiss Roll. Check it out here:

Now, before you run off to make that… you’re going to need some baking mitts.

Why, We The Planet Baking Mitts?

Well, firstly because they’re really comfy. Then because they’re long sleeved (preventing burns on your forearms) and because the grips are really good, so you won’t drop your dishes on your feet. Also, because they’re hard wearing and will last a good length of time. Other than that, they’re baking mitts, what you see is what you get.

If you want to buy some stylish We The Planet Baking Mitts; you can get them on Amazon here and they’re very reasonably priced.

WINNER is Jason!
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  1. Entered thanks for giving me the opportunity to win this giveaway! I won’t burn my hands anymore with these baking mitts Thanks good luck 🍀

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