Chefman One Touch Stainless Coffee Grinder – A Household Essential At A Formidably Low Price


America wouldn’t be America without coffee. I would be me without it either. I’d probably either be asleep or in a bed being monitored by Nurse Ratchet. Either way, there’d be a whole lot fewer reviews on Kitchen Authority, coffee is life.

The best coffee is homemade but you need to be able to grind your own coffee for that. Otherwise, you’re going to find that your coffee loses something in translation even if you get your local coffee shop to grind your beans now, it’s better by hand. So, that’s why I like the Chefman One Touch Stainless Coffee Grinder.

Don’t Throw The Grounds Away!

It’s funny but many folks throw an awful lot of goodness away when they dump their coffee grounds in the trash. That’s because they’re really versatile and can be used in many different ways in your life. Seriously, check this out:

Cool stuff, right?

What About The Chefman?

I really like this device. It’s the perfect first automated grinder for your home. No, it won’t last forever but that’s because it’s a hard friction device and they never last forever not even if you spend a lot of money.

However, it does grind coffee well enough that it will deliver the perfect cup of fresh coffee and it does so for a price so low that it’s startling. You have to buy one of these.

You can buy the Chefman One Touch Stainless Coffee Grinder on Amazon for less than 20 bucks, which is amazing value.

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