Galashield Glass Teapot With Stainless Steel Infuser And Lid – A Big Teapot For The Whole Family


Some things you buy because you need them but, in truth, they are few and far between. Most of the things we buy, we buy because we want them. I’ve been buying and giving away a lot of teapots recently because we like the potential healing properties of tea and because tea tastes so good. I didn’t need any of them and I probably didn’t want too many of them either (we all only need 1 or 2 teapots at the most, right?).

But I did want the Galashield Glass Teapot and I can tell you why it’s because I love the design. This is a teapot that screams class, can dish out enough hot beverages to keep a small group of friends happy and makes you feel happy that you own it. That’s good enough for me.

Twining Teas Talks Tea

If you want advice on tea where better to go than the folks at Twining Teas? They’ve been in the tea game for a very long time now (10 generations or so) and they’ve probably seen and done everything that can be done with tea by now. This is their advice on how to make the perfect pot of tea:

Tea rocks!

So, The Galashield? How Did It Do?

I’ve told you I love it already and I still do. I ditched my old teapot and replaced it with this one. Does it make better tea? No. Let’s be fair the quality of your tea depends on the tea you buy not the pot you make it in. But it does look fantastic and that’s the best reason to replace a teapot.

It’s also available for astonishingly good value price at Amazon, so why not treat yourself to a Galashield Teapot, today?

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2 thoughts on “Galashield Glass Teapot With Stainless Steel Infuser And Lid – A Big Teapot For The Whole Family

  1. Galashield Glass Teapot With Stainless Steel Infuser And Lid is awesome product. I love this & tea taste so good & easy pour tea hot beverage into each cups good for serve with family or friends. Hope I will get win entry contest for those product. Thank you for show me this amaze product.

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