Star Wars Death Star Ceramic Teapot And Mug Set


It’s time for some fun from a galaxy far, far away on Kitchen Authority today. Sure, we’re serious about cooking and serious about kitchen gadgets but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some fun while you’re doing that serious business…

And, it doesn’t mean that your husband can’t nag you into buying something that he thinks is fun for the kitchen even if you’re not 100% sold on the idea. So, I cautiously welcomed the Star Wars Death Star Ceramic Teapot and Mug Set into my home and this is what I thought of it.

The Excitement Of Star Wars

I am not completely immune to the draw of Star Wars and the recent strong female role models in the sequel trilogy have certainly had me excited. The rumor that Leia will be waving a lightsabre around as a Jedi in the next film is almost more than I can bear, to be honest! Bring the movie on! Now.

I have assumed for the sake of my sanity that all my readers have heard of Star Wars. I apologize if that’s not the case.

The Death Star?

OK, the Star Wars Death Star Ceramic Teapot and Mug Set is not something that I would have sought out and bought for myself. However, it is not as obviously film tie-in merchandise as it could be and I quite like the overall design. So, for the moment at least, it’s going to stay in our kitchen!

My husband says that this is probably cheaper than divorce too. Lol. Bless him, now maybe I can persuade him to buy me a Vitamix Blender to make up for it? Fingers crossed.

You can buy the Star Wars Death Star Ceramic Teapot and Mug Set on Amazon. It’s good quality and the big kids in your life will love it!

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