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10 Coffee Time Treats For All Seasons

The team at Kitchen Authority HQ is fueled by caffeine each and every day. As you can imagine we’ve got quite a few different coffee makers on hand and we use quite a few of them regularly.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite coffee time treats for all seasons from all around the world. Enjoy!

Muffins As Coffee Time Treats For Your Coffee Break

Coffee with coffee you say? Well, normally I might say you were pushing the boat out too far but these awesome muffins from Glen & Friends Cooking are just perfect with a cup of coffee even with that slight hint of coffee in the muffin mix.

My family is very keen on these and I love to have a batch waiting on a Sunday afternoon for our coffee time treats. They’re delicious.

Muffins rock. Which muffins do you like the best?

Coffee Cotton Sponge Is A Super Treat

OK, I think it’s fair to say that this sponge cake doesn’t exactly steal the show from a visual appeal perspective. However, having tried Michael Lim’s recipe I can tell you that it’s absolutely amazing.

This is the kind of cake that you cut a small slice off. Then you go back for a little more and then somehow you’re staring at an empty plate. Bring your family to help in this task. They’ll love you for it.

Is there another take on a sponge cake that you can recommend?

Plum Coffee Cake Brings Out The Brilliance Of Plums With A Little Extra Oomph

I love plums. They’re such a delightful fruit. So juicy and sweet. Yet, you don’t see too many recipes for them and I was really pleased when I stumbled over this idea from Joy of Baking.

A plum coffee cake has two of my favorite ingredients and I was not disappointed in their fusion at all. This is different but in a very good way. Try it yourself! This is one of our favorite coffee time treats.

What fruits do you think don’t get their fair share of the limelight?

Iced Coffee Lemonade Is A Unique Twist For A Classic Thirst Quencher

OK, this recipe is sponsored by Starbucks so it won’t come as a huge surprise that it requires coffee.

I was, I confess, a little skeptical of this myself. After all, lemonade and coffee? How’s that going to work.

Very well is what I discovered. This isn’t a shy wallflower of a drink it’s bold and beautiful and brings you to peak creativity when you’re running out of energy. Give it a whirl.

What unusual drink combinations have you encountered?

A Coffee Leche Flan Is A Punchy Version Of The Filipino Classic

If you’ve not had a leche flan before think of it as an egg custard with a very soft pastry.

I really love this South East Asian treat and was really excited to try this coffee version. I think it works splendidly with the creamy texture of the dessert rounding out the bitter hardness of the coffee taste. My husband is a huge fan of this one.

Filipino food is amazing! Do you have any Filipino recipes you love?

Sticky Coffee Ribs Bring The Coffee To The Main Course

Coffee is a popular ingredient in desserts (and breakfasts!) but it’s not something you see too often in an entrée, right? Well, our friends at Spice and Pans are righting this oversight with this super recipe for Sticky Coffee Ribs. They use pork but I think you could just as easily use beef if you’re not allowed pork. The results are fantastic.

What else do you think coffee could make an appearance with as an entrée?

Summer’s Cold Coffee Chocolate That You’re Going To Love

This is a wonderful idea and it’s so easy. Cold coffee and chocolate for that perfect summer drink. The Jamun Tree has me sold.

What do you think?

This Coffee Walnut Recipe Is A New Face Of A Traditional Dessert

This is an English favorite but one that deserves to have a much broader appeal.

You use espresso (or a strong coffee if you don’t have any espresso to hand) combined with walnuts to add real depth to this soft butter sponge. Then you indelicately stuff the middle with frosted mascarpone cheese and you dive right in. It’s heaven in cake form.

Do you know any unusual cake recipes you could share with us?

Coffee Mousse Is A Fresh Indian Take On An Old School Classic

I love Indian cooking programs. They’ve got so much class. They hearken back to a gentler era and I really love this recipe from Sanjeev Kappor Khazana’s channel for coffee mousse.

It doesn’t hurt, of course, that there’s plenty of chocolate to go with the coffee here and who doesn’t dream of a little chocolate fueled mystery in her life?

I think this might go well with a white chocolate as well as a milk base, what do you think?

Thai Iced Coffee Is Almost A Dessert!

I love Thailand. The Kitchen Authority family visits the country on a semi-regular basis. I think it’s the combination of amazing food at incredible prices that keeps bring us back.

One of our favorite Thai coffee time treats is a Thai Iced Coffee. It’s so rich that it’s almost like drinking your dessert.

It’s much better than an iced coffee back at home!

It’s also a lot of fun to make.

Do you like to get creative with your drinks in the kitchen?

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