Top 7 Best Milk Frothers for 2021

best coffee frother
Love coffee but tired of paying big money for a cheap beverage just because the coffee shop can make your milk froth for you? Then you need to buy a milk frother and then discover how easy it is to…
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Best Frying Pans Brands for 2021

best frying pan reviews
In our hunt for these frying pans one thing became clear to us. No kitchen is complete without a frying pan or two. In fact, we just counted in our kitchen and we have five frying pans at the moment.…
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Top 5 Best Coffee Makers for 2021

best coffee makers
Every home in America needs a coffee maker; even if you don’t like coffee – your friends and family will. It’s practically our national drink and deservedly so, because it’s fantastic. ​The good news is that a great coffee maker does not…
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Top 5 Best Zesters for 2021

best zesters
Are you feeling ready to get creative in the kitchen or has your old zester seen better days? No matter what, we’ve got you covered with reviews of the top five zesters. We’ve tried a huge number of zesters to…
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Top 3 Best Cheese Graters for 2021

best cheese graters
Our cheese grater gets used almost daily in the KA kitchens. Every kitchen should have a quality cheese grater that can handle daily use. In fact, a cheese grater is one of the first things that I ever bought back…
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The Best Breville Smart Ovens For 2021

Breville smart ovens are some of my favorite appliances. We love (toaster) ovens here at Kitchen Authority. Their flexibility is unmatched and they are great value for your money. So, we were delighted when we got the chance to review…
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Best Digital Meat Thermometer For 2021

best digital meat thermometer
Our search for the best digital meat thermometer was fueled by a certain urgency. As you probably know, timing is super important in cooking and baking. “Is dinner ready, yet?” We hear that line a lot in our home. Our…
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Best Vegetable Steamers for 2021

best vegetable steamers need the best vegetables
Our search for the best vegetable steamer was a very tasty and healthy experience. We went through a ton of vegetables and didn’t meet one we didn’t like. Steaming vegetables (and, indeed, meat and fish) is a great way to…
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Best Toaster Ovens Reviews for 2021

best toaster oven examples
So, you’re searching for the best toaster ovens on the market? You’ve come to the right place! We love toaster ovens! You can buy one for next to nothing (the cheapest in our tests was $20!) and yet, they add…
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Top 3 Best Kitchen Scales for 2021

best kitchen scales features
We think scales are an essential kitchen item but how do you pick the best kitchen scales for you and your family? Well, we decided to dig deep into a huge pile of different scales to see if we could…
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