Top 5 Best Salad Spinners for 2021

best salad spinner featured
If you want to live a long healthy life, you need the best salad spinner you can find. Seriously! Salads add so much taste to your meals and they’re low in calories (as long as you don’t go overboard on…
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Best Cutting Board Reviews for 2021

best cutting board features
There’s not a household in the land that doesn’t use a cutting board. It’s a kitchen essential. The best cutting boards keep your work surfaces protected, help reduce the risks of cutting yourself when slicing food and look good in…
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Best Pepper Mill Reviews for 2021

best pepper mills
Is there a kitchen in the land that doesn’t need a pepper mill? We don’t think so. Pepper was once so valuable that wars were fought over it, and while, thankfully, you won’t have to fight for a serving of…
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Best Whirlpool Dishwasher Reviews & Guide 2021

best whirlpool dishwasher review
The best dishwasher I’ve ever had was a Whirlpool dishwasher. If there’s a single brand name that people associate with quality in dishwashers, it’s Whirlpool. In America, Whirlpool is the most popular choice in the land. They are some of…
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Best Tea Makers for 2021 Review & Guide

Finding the best tea maker is not as easy as finding the best coffee maker. Tea is not as popular with American drinkers as coffee but, in fairness, it’s catching up fast and that’s why we’ve brought you our complete…
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Best Olive Oil for Cooking for 2021

Best Olive Oil on the counter
No kitchen can go without olive oil but there’s so much choice of olive oil, how do you go about picking the right one for your family’s needs? Well, we sent out the Kitchen Authority Team to discover how you…
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Top 6 Best Can Openers for 2021

soup cans by andy warhol
The best can openers at any time are always the ones that are already in your kitchen readily at hand. It’s an absolute essential and you need to it to be there when you need it. And it has to…
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Best Air Fryers for 2021

If there are two certainties in life, it’s that deep fried food tastes amazing and that it can be terrible for your health if you eat it on a regular basis. This is a conundrum that has frustrated many a…
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Top 5 Best Bread Makers for 2021

breadmaking guide photo
Our search for the best bread makers was a sacred quest of sorts. We’re sandwich fanatics here at Kitchen Authority and we like to get the bread right. Check out our guide to the best sandwich breads here. Bread is…
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Best BBQ Grills & Grilling Reviews for 2021

flames out of a barbecue
If there’s one summer activity that unites almost every American, it’s having a family BBQ in the backyard. It’s America 101. The BBQ is a great way to cook for large groups of people or just to enjoy great tasting…
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