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Top 5 Best Japanese Toasters for 2022

best japanese toaster

Do you love toast? We love toast and do you know how to get the perfect slice of toast? Well, you need a Japanese toaster for that. These toasters use different but very cunning mechanical strategies to prevent your toast…

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Top 10 Best Countertop Microwaves for 2022

microwave oven

Testing microwaves is a complicated business. There are some fairly substantial price differences between products and often that difference doesn’t seem to lead to much, if anything, in the way of improved cooking performance. Really, all anyone wants from a…

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Top 8 Best Electric Knives for 2022

best electric knife

Everyone needs to cut something in the kitchen every now and again, but it can be hard work at times. Particularly, if you are getting a bit older and suffer from arthritis or other mobility issues. To take the edge…

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Top 5 Best Turkey Basters for 2022

Top 5 Best Turkey Basters for 2022 1

If you’re planning on cooking a turkey for your next family holiay dinneryou’re going to need a turkey baster for that delicious turkey you’re going to make for your family. That’s assuming you’re not vegetarian, that is. So, we went…

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Top 7 Best Milk Frothers for 2022

best coffee frother

Love coffee but tired of paying big money for a cheap beverage just because the coffee shop can make your milk froth for you? Then you need to buy a milk frother and then discover how easy it is to…

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Best Frying Pans Brands for 2022

best frying pan reviews

In our hunt for these frying pans one thing became clear to us. No kitchen is complete without a frying pan or two. In fact, we just counted in our kitchen and we have five frying pans at the moment.…

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Top 5 Best Coffee Makers for 2022

best coffee makers

Every home in America needs a coffee maker; even if you don’t like coffee – your friends and family will. It’s practically our national drink and deservedly so, because it’s fantastic. ​The good news is that a great coffee maker does not…

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Top 5 Best Zesters for 2022

best zesters

Are you feeling ready to get creative in the kitchen or has your old zester seen better days? No matter what, we’ve got you covered with reviews of the top five zesters. We’ve tried a huge number of zesters to…

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Top 3 Best Cheese Graters for 2022

best cheese graters

Our cheese grater gets used almost daily in the KA kitchens. Every kitchen should have a quality cheese grater that can handle daily use. In fact, a cheese grater is one of the first things that I ever bought back…

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