Continental Electrics Sandwich Maker Is Solid & Sensible, According To My Mother

There are many wonderful things about working as a reviewer at Kitchen Authority; one of them is that I am able to test items which make foodstuffs that I love. Check out our guide to sandwich makers here and you’ll see what I mean.

My big passions in life are smoothies and yes, you’ve guessed it toasted sandwiches.

So, I was nearly ecstatic when the Continental Electrics Sandwich Maker graced my kitchen this week and I had an excuse for a quality cheese and ham toastie.

My children and my husband were equally delighted by this perk of my job. It’s weeks like these that make everything awesome.

So, let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Continental Electrics Sandwich Maker Is Solid & Sensible, According To My Mother 1

Sandwiches Are Amazing!

Before we get stuck into the exciting test result; let’s take a moment to acknowledge that the sandwich is a thing of Western cultural beauty.

It has a long, rich history that can be appreciated in just 3 minutes according to The History of Stuff on YouTube.

As you can see in this History of Sandwiches video here. Watching that made me hungry.

Sandwiches anyone?

So, The Continental Electrics Sandwich Maker?

It’s a very sensible sandwich maker. I am not sure that I am a huge fan of the white design but it’s plastic, so it’s not like it’s going to show the dirt (at least if you keep it clean) but other than that it does everything you need to.

It’s in the middle of the pack when it comes to speed of cooking but is anybody in that much of a rush for a toasted sandwich?

It’s easy to clean and the plates are of good quality.

So, I recommend that you buy The Continental Electrics Sandwich Maker online because it’s so sensibly priced. Grab it now.


  1. This would be so handy for me as I work 2 jobs and need all the time saving products I can get my hands on.

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