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Our Picks For The Very Best French Cookbooks Ever

french cookbooks

The search for great French cookbooks is nearly as old as French cuisine itself (and French cooking has been around for a long time). They are prized sources for outstanding recipes and techniques. We think we’ve found a representative selection…

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These Grilling Cookbooks Are Fire!

These Grilling Cookbooks Are Fire! 3

Ever since we first read the classic Franklin Barbecue: A Meat Smoking Manifesto we’ve been looking to discover the greatest grilling cookbooks of all time. And after consultation with our favorite foodies and grill experts we think that we found…

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Our Favorite African Cookbooks

Best African Cookbooks

Sadly, African food does not, yet, have the kind of international recognition it deserves. This is a real shame because once you discover authentic family recipes from Africa in these African cookbooks, you’ll understand just how delicious African cuisine can…

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Taste: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci

My Life Through Food

Stanley Tucci is an American foodie’s hero. Not only is he obsessed with great food but he’s also one of our finest actors.  He’s previously written two amazing cookbooks based on his childhood in an authentic Italian American household –…

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10 Best Greek Cookbooks In 2022

10 Best Greek Cookbooks In 2022 4

Greece is legendary and so is its cooking. Feta cheese, olives and olive oil, baklava and so many more amazing and popular dishes hail from the European country’s shores. We think there may be a Greek restaurant in nearly every…

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Top 10 Best Filipino Cookbooks In 2022

Top 10 Best Filipino Cookbooks In 2022 5

The Philippines is not exactly celebrate for its food but as recent guest Gordon Ramsay pointed out – this isn’t because the food is bad, quite the contrary. The archipelago nation has an incredibly rich food culture packed with variety,…

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The Top 10 Best Asian Cookbooks

Asian food

Asia is, of course, a big place and it would be impossible to do justice to all the culinary heritage of that vast continent in a handful of cookbooks. So, think of these as a masterclass introduction to the best…

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Top 10 Best Spanish Cookbooks for 2022

Top 10 Best Spanish Cookbooks for 2022 6

Spanish food has, of course, influenced nearly every school of South American cookery but the food back in the motherland is still quite distinct. Spain’s culinary history is thousands of years old and there’s so much to enjoy!  Of course,…

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