Cork Dork Is A Geeky Wine-Fueled Journey

cork dork book review
This Cork Dork book review fills a gap here at Kitchen Authority. It’s a funny thing but we haven’t talked much as yet on Kitchen Authority about the perfect partner for food. Wine! Yet, without wine, the kitchen would definitely…
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The Vatican Cookbook

vatican cookbook review
Ever wondered about the favorite dishes of popes and saints? Curious enough to learn the dishes served at the Vatican table? For those who love to cook meals with family and friends, and for those who are fascinated by the…
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Home Canning And Preserving

Home Canning and Preserving
I sometimes think that despite all the progress we’ve made in the modern world, we’ve also lost a lot of what made our kitchens amazing places to be. Take home canning, for example, in my mother’s day – every housewife…
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Goat Cooking and Eating Book Review

goat meat cookbook cover
James Whetlor’s Goat: Cooking and Eating is a modern day classic culinary text which won the James Beard award. Now, if you’re flinching a little at the idea of cooking with goat – you shouldn’t. Here’s why: goat is a…
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Holley Grainger’s Cleverful Living

Cleverful Living is a blog by Holley Grainger who is a qualified nutritionist and a passionate advocate for healthy, tasty food. Her recipes are built not just to improve the quality of your diet but also portion sizes. The biggest…
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Smitten Kitchen Every Day Cookbook

new smitten kitchen cookbook
Deb Perelman’s second book, the Smitten Kitchen Every Day: Triumphant and Unfussy New Favorites, is a fantastic addition to any home cook’s kitchen bookshelf. It’s a keeper. This is the perfect cookbook for the pace of modern life. It understands…
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