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Cooking With Trader Joe’s: Dinner’s Done – Tasty, Authentic and Fantastic

25 Best Cookbooks of All Time | 2019 EditionMany parents I know love Trader Joe’s because it offers not just pantry and produce basics, but also lots of frozen convenience foods and pre-prepped goodies. Not to mention, Trader Joe’s foods are typically low on preservatives, high on natural ingredients, and CHEAP!

Cooking With Trader Joe’s shows you how to take the ease of Trader Joe’s to a whole new level. Think you don’t have time for a sit-down dinner? Let this book prove you wrong. Your children will even have time left to do their homework and the dishes.

Another Idea From Trader Joe’s

If you’d like to see how flexible Trader Joe’s can be; why not check out this awesome video on how to make your own pizza using nothing but ingredients from there. We gave this a try a while back and can heartily recommend “Maximum Munchies” pizza recipe:

Tasty, right?

So, About The Book

EMAZ on Amazon loved the book, “We do 90% of our grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. So, when I came across this book I was interested to try it. This has turned out to be one of my favorite recipe books. I love that every recipe we have tried (and we’ve tried nearly all of them) has been easy, delicious, and healthy.”

“We have two other recipe books by Deana Gunn a25 Best Cookbooks of All Time | 2019 Editionnd Wona Miniati and love them as well. (I also bought their Lunchbox Jokes this past summer for my 7-year-old son. They were super cute and he really enjoyed them.) I have also given this cookbook as gifts since I’m such a fan. I really like that the book has pictures for each recipe, the prep time, nutrition information, and also vegetation & gluten free substitution suggestions”

You can buy Cooking With Trader Joe’s book on Amazon here.

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Cooking With Trader Joe’s: Dinner’s Done – Tasty, Authentic and Fantastic 3
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