Cookmate Toaster – Tries Very Hard For A Very Reasonable Price

I love toast and everyone in my family loves toast. We’ve tested a fair few toasters for Kitchen Authority now and it’s reasonable to say that we’ve not encountered any bad toasters – after all, how hard can it be to toast a couple of slices of bread anyway?

Well, the Cookmate Toaster says that maybe things could be more complex if we wanted them to be. It has wide slots (so you can toast more stuff) and a “bagel setting”. It has 7 temperature levels for the absolute toasting perfectionist (I’m happy to scrape off burned bits with a knife – I know, I’m a savage). But how does it measure up overall?

Some Interesting Toast Toppings

I like simplicity with my toast. Some butter, some peanut butter, a bit of cheese, that kind of thing but it’s perfectly possible to turn toast into a lavishly healthy meal. As you can see with Lucy Wyndham-Read’s Tuesday Toast Toppings.

I gave this a try, it’s pretty good. Though I think I’ll stick to peanut butter normally.

So, The Cookmate Toaster?

For the price this is a really good set of features but… I am not sure any toaster needs this much fuss. It’s not that anything the Cookmate does is bad, I just think it’s possibly too much for the average person seeking toast at 6 o’clock in the morning while rushing to work.

I did like the safety power off feature and think that adds real value. But while I’d be happy to recommend this to someone who likes lots of stuff on gadgets; I think we’ll be hanging on to something simpler at home.

You can check the price of the Cookmate Toaster on Amazon here if you want to turn  your kitchen into a sci-fi dream.

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