Best Coravin Wine Opener Reviews

There’s plenty of Coravin Wine Opener Reviews online and it’s no wonder.

If you love a glass of wine, you’re going to love the Coravin Wine Opener range.

These are more than just corkscrews or basic wine-openers. They are “systems” and the Coravin preservers come with a hefty price-tag.

You’re going to love your Coravin as long as you have deep pockets and a serious wine cellar. This is a serious corkscrew.

Coravin is the biggest secret that wine aficionados know that your average wine drinker is clueless about.

But it’s a secret that comes with a serious price tag, even if you are buying the “budget” Coravin model.


ENTRY-LEVEL: Coravin Model One Advanced Wine Bottle Opener System.

MID-RANGE: Coravin Model Two Advanced Wine Bottle Opener System

HIGH-END: Coravin Model 112168 Limited Edition II Bundle

What’s The Problem?

Wine buffs will know that if you open a bottle of wine then you really ought to drink that bottle.

That’s because as soon as you expose the contents of the bottle to the air, they start to oxidize, and this starts to ruin your wine.

You won’t notice any real change if you open a bottle at 5 p.m. and toss off the dregs at about 8 p.m.

That’s not long enough for the wine to degrade but it’s very noticeable if you want to come back to the wine a day later and if you leave it any longer?

The wine is basically vinegar. That is not a glass of wine you’d enjoy!

If you’re a wine geek like me you’ll appreciate this article from VINEPAIR: The 8,000 Year History Of Wine Transport And Storage

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Now, for those of us who spend on average $10-$20 for a bottle of wine, this may not be the biggest of deals to waste a glass of wine every once in awhile.

But for those who spend $100+ on a bottle of wine but can’t consume that wine at a serious gallop, that’s a much bigger problem.

Nobody wants to throw away $50+ of wine every time but equally nobody wants to drink a glass full of vinegar, either.

What’s The Solution?

The solution is Coravin Wine Openers or the “Coravin Wine Preservation System” as the folks at Coravin like to refer to it.

It needs a posh name because as you’ll soon discover, it commands a very premium price point, and nobody is going to spend this kind of money on a “bottle opener”. So, system it is.

It works by using a very thin needle to punch through the metal wrapper and the cork and enables you to pour the wine, but it never allows air into the bottle so that your wine is never forced to start oxidizing.

On top of that, when it’s needed, the system pushes Argon gas (a completely neutral and safe gas) into the bottle to force any air out before it reseals the bottle.

That means a wine drinker can come back any time and enjoy the whole bottle after removing the cork. Plus, it’s easy to use!

Coravin says that not only are they saving you money, they are saving you from drinking an entire bottle before you go to bed and as well as any potential hangover.

What’s The Cost?

Coravin’s solutions start at around $199 and go up from there!

Yes, staying sober has never been quite so expensive but if you spend a small fortune on wine, it’s not inconceivable that you could earn the cost of the Coravin back quickly.

For those of us at $20 a bottle, if we assume that we’d save $10 each time, the Coravin system would take only 20 uses to pay for itself.

So, it’s not as insane as it might first seem.

Best Coravin Wine Openers

The Coravin Model One Advanced Wine Bottle Opener System

Wine Opener Review

This is your basic entry level model and we think, probably the only Coravin Opener that you’re going to need.

It comes with 2 argon gas capsules (which cost about $10 each when purchased separately) and everything you need to open your bottles and seal them again.

It lacks the carrying cases and other widgets of the more advanced models but the basic functionality is present.

The Coravin Model One is by far the best value. We recommend it for wine lovers.

The Coravin Model Two Advanced Wine Bottle Opener System

Coravin Review

If you’d like to buy a Coravin for its looks rather than for its practicality, this is the one for you.

For an extra $200 (or thereabouts) you get metallic accents and a textured rubber grip.

Yes, it’s true that this is essentially the same product as the Model One but it’s just prettier.

If you have the money, why not?

They also include some replacement needles and a carringy case.

In case you want to take iton vacation with you. Which we think, at this price, you might actually want to.

You can check out the The Coravin Model Two Advanced Wine Bottle Opener System online here.

The Coravin Model 112168 Limited Edition II Bundle – Starry Night

best Coravin Opener

The most premium bundle on the market at the moment is Limited Edition Bundle II and this is really not cheap.

However, it does look fantastic and they do throw in 8 gas cannisters and even more spare needles. Customers who bought it say that it’s fantastic but expensive.