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COSORI 800 Watts Blender For The Serious Smoothie Maker

I love smoothies. My husband loves smoothies.

My kids will probably turn into smoothies if they keep drinking as many as they currently do.

I’m serious, who can beat crushed ice, fruit, yogurt and a little natural sugar?

It’s better than any shop bought drink by a mile. For additional info on blenders and smoothies see our comprehensive 2019 Best Blender Guide.

Making smoothies in quantity demands a professional blender. The COSORI 800 Watts Blender could well be that blender for your family.

It’s a really solid product and without the ridiculous price tag of a Vitamix or similar product.

More Than Just Smoothies

Of course, smoothies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using a blender.

I may dream of blueberries smashed to smithereens that can be administered orally by straw but others want something a little less healthy.

Like this Mudslide Cocktail from Amy Learns To Cook:

This is really important.

If all a blender did was smoothies, it would be a very expensive toy but in fact, you can turn your blender to a variety of purposes and then it starts to look like an investment in your kitchen rather than a frivolous luxury product.

So How Did It Measure Up?

The COSORI is not perfect.

It definitely doesn’t hit the ice as hard as some of the more expensive blenders but that’s not really a problem, it just takes a little extra time to crush ice. You can manage a few extra seconds when making a drink.

I also found it could be awkward to clean and I wouldn’t let my kids wash this up, the blade needs careful management in this process.

But other than that, this was a great piece of kit for an even better price. See for yourself, the COSORI 800 Watts Blender is available on Amazon.



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