Cozilife Microwave Egg Poachers Review

We were extremely pleased to be tasked with putting this Cozilife Microwave Egg Poachers review together.

Poached eggs are brilliant. They lower in calories than fried eggs. They’re super tasty. They can make a wonderful excuse to have eggs benedict and completely throw away the low-calorie advantage they bring. I am a huge fan.

I’m not as much of a fan, however, of having to cook poached eggs. Making vortexes in water, works great for Gordon Ramsey, as often as not, for me it turns into bits of egg splattered all over a pan.

So, I was really excited to get to try out these Cozilife Microwave Egg Poachers.

Cozilife Egg Poachers review

Poached eggs with no mess? Count me in.

Everyone Needs Eggs Benedict

Eggs benedict is a heart attack waiting to happen thanks to all the butter that you use in the recipe, but that shouldn’t put you off having them on special occasions.

I like to surprise my other half with them on his birthday, and everyone should see Jamie Oliver’s 5 takes on eggs benedict in this video here.

Delicious ,right?

So, The Cozilife Microwave Egg Poachers Review?

The Cozilife Microwave Egg Poachers are excellent.

Crack your eggs inside, nuke them for a bit (the exact times will vary with microwaves) and boom! Perfectly formed poached eggs with not a vortex in sight.

Also, they’re cheap and they supply enough so that everyone in the family can have a poached egg at the same time.

You should pick up The Cozilife Microwave Egg Poachers on Amazon because they’re awesome!

Are you vegan? Try making a breakfast sandwich with JUST Eggs.


  1. Would really Love to have this for my Mother. She has a Special diet because of health problems. This would really come in handy for me to prepare her meals.

  2. I would love to try these marvelous egg poachers. Make the process so much simpler plus they are so cute.

  3. My 21 month old great granddaughter & I have been learning how to poach eggs (in swirling water). We need more practice OR perhaps the Cozilife will set us on a new path!! Would love to win and try!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  4. I love poached eggs and eggs Benedict.Winning this would make my life so much easier thanks for the opportunity.

  5. I love poached eggs and eggs Benedict, but I am the world’s worst at poaching the old-fashioned way. Help me out, and let me win!

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