Cuckoo Rice Cooker Review

The Cuckoo Rice Cooker fulfills a big need for consumers in the United States. Did you know that America’s rice farms are among the most productive and profitable in the world?

In fact, every decade there’s an approximately 10% growth in rice production to meet the rising market demand. I’ve also seen an increase of rice based meals in recent cookbooks.

Americans love their rice and that means they ought to check out the Cuckoo Electric Heating Pressure Rice Cooker.

How the Cuckoo Rice Cooker Handles Different Type Of Rice

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There are so many varieties of rice that even the most devoted rice lover would have trouble keeping up with the choices available to them.

Each of them has its own taste, texture and properties and that means each of them needs to be cooked in the right way to bring out the best in the grain.

Unfortunately, your average rice cooker doesn’t seem to have been made with this in mind.

In fact, most of them treat all rice as though it were the original Uncle Ben’s and ignores the wealth of other offerings out there.

The Cuckoo Rice Cooker Is Different

While it is not possible to program a rice cooker for every variety of rice (because the menu would take a week to navigate if they did), it is possible to program a rice cooker to bring out the best in the rice based on its properties.

cuckoo rice cooker

In particular, the Cuckoo Rice Cooker, is a specialist in GABA rice – the healthiest kind of rice for you and your family. It uses a smart algorithm to analyse the rice and provide the perfect finish, it’s something no other rice cooker can do.

One thing we really liked about this rice cooker is the way that it handles glutinous rice, known as “sticky rice ”, in places like Thailand.

This can be very hard to get right in other rice cookers, but it comes out perfectly, every single time with the Cuckoo Rice Cooker.

The Cuckoo Rice Cooker can also double as a pressure cooker and you can even ferment yogurt or cheese inside it.

This is good because it’s not the cheapest of kitchen products and the additional utility makes this a better value product.

cuckoo rice cooker accesories

There is a special water management system inside the Cuckoo Rice Cooker which enables the cooker to keep your rice fresher for longer, whilst ensuring that no bacteria get into it.

You can also set a timer to cook rice when you need it and we like the fact that it’s built with safety in mind. There are, in fact, a dozen safety features to prevent you from pouring hot water or hot rice anywhere but in the bowl.

The only downside is the price. This is not a cheap product and that means it’s probably best for those houses that eat rice on a very regular basis.

Final Thoughts on the Cuckoo Rice Cooker

There is no better rice cooker for a family than the Cuckoo Rice Cooker. If your family enjoys rice with the majority of their meals – you need this. If you just want the tastiest rice ever at home, you need this too.

You can check the latest price of the Cuckoo Electric Heating Pressure Rice Cooker on Amazon.

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