Cuisipro Stainless Steel Egg Poacher Review

The Cuisipro Stainless Steel Egg Poacher has me eating eggs again.

Eggs used to be evil, right? They were full of cholesterol and cholesterol meant bad things for our hearts. [source: Mayo Clinic]

So, we egg lovers had to hide our shameful habit at the back of the cupboard. Now, the humble egg has been completely redeemed.

Not only is it full of protein, but that cholesterol? It turns out to be good for us too! Yeehah!

The only real problem remaining with eggs is that most people fry them, and frying is a bad idea.

So, to celebrate the return of healthy eggs, it’s time to look at the art of poaching an egg, so our cooking is as healthy as the egg!

Cuisipro Stainless Steel Egg Poacher Review

Poaching An Egg The Basics

Poaching eggs should be easy. All you need is a pan of boiling water, a splash of vinegar, a vortex (created by whirling a spoon in the pan) and then you drop the egg in and presto!

You either have a neat poached egg or more often, you have bits of egg all over the water with a tiny edible yolk floating in the middle of the gunk.

It’s a bit more complicated than boiling an egg but you can master it easily.

That’s where the Cuisipro Stainless Steel Egg Poachers come in. You see, if you struggle to keep a poached egg together, you don’t need to.

Check out this video from Cuisipro to see how this amazing little gadgets work.

Does The Cuispro Egg Poacher Work?

I bought my set of Cuisipro Stainless Steel Egg Poachers from Amazon and you can too.

Yes, I’m happy to report that they work exactly as advertised.

My kids are loving the chance for eggs benedict on the weekend as I make, if I do say so myself, a mean hollandaise sauce!

They’re also durable and easy to clean devices and I think that’s important whenever you’re dealing with eggs.

You don’t want to spend half a week scraping egg off the sides of utensils, it’s too much like work.

So I give these poachers a thumbs up!

For true egg lovers we recommend the DASH Rapid Egg Cooker.


  1. My husband really loves poached eggs I make them for him.but I use a pan of water and I don’t like it when most of the egg whites are left in the water.i would really like to win a set of these very cool poachers. thanks Linda

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