Dash Arctic Chill Blender – A Cool Compact Blending Solution For Your Personal Smoothies

I am always happy to be reviewing blenders. Yes, you’re right, it’s another chance for me to make smoothies and I never say “no” to a smoothie. This is doubly true if it has bananas in it. I feel that smoothies are the ultimate blend of nutrition and taste and that they ought to be served by every school cafeteria in the land.

Sadly, they aren’t, at least for now. But I can make my own smoothies with the Dash Arctic Chill Blender and I won’t need to go back to school for it either. One of the things that really struck me about this blend was how attractive it is – Dash has put some serious thought into style here.

Possibly NSFW For Smoothies

I am not averse to the gratuitous use of food to promote food and this ridiculous video from Fit with Cambrie might be classified as “exploitative” if its stars weren’t exploiting themselves on YouTube. Certainly, smoothie time in their lives is much sexier than it is in mine. Unless you think a housecoat is sexy and if you do, you have problems:

I think that’s quite enough sexy for today, don’t you?

The Dash Arctic Chill Blender?

Well, besides being stylish, this blender is pretty good at blending. I’ll be honest, it’s a little under-powered but for the price, you’d expect that and it’s also a personal blender, so it doesn’t need to be able to smash 10 Kg of ice into smithereens. However, that just meant it was a bit slower to deliver a finished product and as I am not in a rush, that was just fine.

I found it easy to set up and easy to disassemble too and that’s important when choosing a blender because you have to wash them well if you want your smoothies to stay healthy.

So, buy the Dash Arctic Chill Blender on Amazon for a very reasonable price today.

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