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The Dash Compact Air Fryer is a quality product designed to help people improve their health and wellness. Air Frying is simply a much healthier alternative to deep frying. The “cooking oil” industry may disagree but…

Less oil equals less fat, essentially.

Dash Air Fryer
Dash Air Fryer

At Dash their mission is to help people just like us to take the first steps toward a better life.

A better life that starts with real, whole foods. Cooked and prepared with exceptional products.

They say that’s what living unprocessed is all about! #unprocessyourfood

Another notable potential benefit of using the Dash fryer for air frying is… drum roll, please.

Weight loss! I have no official study to verify this claim nor am I a doctor. This is all anecdotal.

It does, however, seem to me that a “less deep frying” and “more air frying” lifestyle would have benefits from a health perspective. That’s just common sense.

The Dash Compact Air Fryer is a super little device which brings air frying to the family home at a sensible price compared to some of the much more expensive models.

If you are shopping around and want to compare a variety of air fryers check out our Best Air Fryer Buyer’s Guide here.

Top Features Of The Dash Compact Air Fryer

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Dash Compact Air Fryer

The most important thing about the Dash Compact Air Fryer is the technology that it uses for the cooking process.

It works in a similar fashion to a convection oven, and uses heat moved with a fan over your food to give it that crispy fried appeal.

This means no oil required and it’s what brings all the health benefits.

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Dash Compact Air Fryer Design

It may be a low cost product, but Dash hasn’t cut any corners with the build quality. It’s a substantial product that produces good quality results.

We’ll be blunt here – we don’t think that air fried food is quite as tasty as deep fat fried food.

Red Compact Dash Air Fryer
Red Compact Air Fryer

That’s because our taste buds are designed to love the taste of fat. However, we do think the trade off in taste is one worth making for your health.

We really like the 1.7 liter basket. It’s big enough that it ought to cater to any family air frying needs. And it’s compact enough that the Dash Compact Air Fryer won’t look out of place in the kitchen of a single person or a couple.

In fact, it takes up very little space on the counter and thus, it can be a great replacement for a standard convection oven.

Why Is This One Of Our Favorite Air Fryers?

We like the Dash Compact Air Fryer because of its economical approach to the process. Sure, there are bigger and better air fryers out there but if you want to be healthier and try this out – you can’t beat the price.

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Good News! Take advantage of great sale prices on the Dash Compact Air Fryer!

Ease Of Use

Compact Dash Air Fryer

If there’s an easier kitchen appliance in the world to use than a Dash Compact Air Fryer, we’re struggling to think what it might be.

You plug it in, you add the food, you switch it on, and you wait for it to cook.

In fact, it requires next to no time to warm up and that means it fries faster than conventional deep fat frying does most of the time.

It certainly outperforms the convection ovens we’ve tested.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Dash Compact Air Fryer Review 1

We did have one concern with the Dash Air Fryer when we tested it, we gave it a thorough rinse with soap and water and then put it into use.

We noted that there was a bit of a plasticky smell coming from the device at that point.

We thought this might just be on the first use but, in fact, it’s come back again during other uses. It doesn’t transfer to the food, but it is off putting.

Other than that, you can wipe your Dash Compact Air Fryer clean easily with a cloth with soapy water on it.

Our Final Thoughts

Minor odor issues aside, we believe that you would struggle to find a product that’s as good value for money as the Dash Compact Air Fryer in any part of your kitchen. For comparison, check out our recent review of the Zeny Electric Air Fryer.

We strongly recommend it.

Buy a Dash Compact Air Fryer

Good News! Take advantage of great sale prices on the Dash Compact Air Fryer!


  1. Oh how I would love an air fryer.. Not a huge fan of fried foods, but I would like to try it from an air fryer to really see the difference…

  2. I would Love To Win This Air Fryer I Heard Awesome,
    I am Going to enter, This Contest.
    I AM IN TO WIN IT. ( I am hoping) GOOD LUCK EVERYONE ?

  3. Sure would like 2 win…i lost my balance 5 yrs. Ago & it’s difficult 2 cook safely..it would b a Godsend 4 me.

  4. I would like this for my granddaughter. She learned about 4 weeks ago that she has renal lupus and has to be on a low sodium diet. It has really created a lot of problems for her. Thank you, Pamelia

  5. My daughter bought one for her family and uses it frequently for cooking. I would like to have one for my husband and I for our home.

  6. I live alone I work from 11am to 10/11 pm when I get home I really don’t feel like cooking so this Air Cooker would come in handy For Me Hope to hear from you soon Thank You

  7. I belong to a lot of giveaway groups, and haven’t won anything. I am disabled and have to cook for my grandchildren a lot because I watch them. I have to use a chair in the kitchen to cook because of my knees, and back pain. so being honest winning this would be a god send. thanks for the chance

  8. I’m single and live alone and
    have minimum kitchen appliances.
    This would be a compact healthy
    way to enjoy a single serving healthy meal. Plus easy clean up. I’m hoping
    to be the DASH WINNER.?

  9. Absolutely would love to win this.. I have been wanting one for a while. Seams like a time saver with 3 kids..

  10. I have always wanted one of these air fryers as I love making fried foods for my family but hate to use all the oil that I need to do it with so having one of these would be great and I hope I win as I’m dying to try one for myself. Thank you!

  11. Could really use this as I have to be very careful about what I eat and how it is cooked so I think this would help.

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