Dash Mini Sandwich Maker Grill Is An Unusual Shape For Sandwiches

I’ve reviewed a ton of sandwich toasters recently. I’ve liked them all but I think the Dash Mini Sandwich Maker Grill may be the best in the “peculiar grill” category.

Why? Well, because it’s circular. It’s like the folks at Dash saw a loaf of bread and went, “we can do better than that!” The big question, of course, is “did they?”

Dash Mini Sandwich Maker Grill

Versatility Is The Name Of The Dash Game

This is a very versatile little grill and while I bought it to test for sandwiches, it’s proven to be no slouch when tackling burgers and other grilled foods. In fact, it’s absolutely brilliant at grilled pineapple!

Gordon Ramsey loves his grilled pineapple, check out his awesome recipe!

What Did I Think?

Well, I really loved the Dash Mini Sandwich Maker Grill because of its ability to turn its hand to just about any small grilling task.

I am keeping one just for that. But… it’s circular and as much as I like the novelty shaped sandwiches I get out of it, I also think they’re a waste of good bread.

So, I do recommend the Dash Mini Sandwich Maker Grill and you can find it online but there are better straight sandwich makers out there.

If you would like additional information about sandwich makers and their features and functions don’t miss our Best Sandwich Makers Guide.


  1. I love 2 win the Dash Mini Sandwich Maker 2 make different grilled cheese sandwiches my way, oh so many ways yum!
    How I hope 2 win!

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