Disney Toaster: Finding A Mouse On Your Toast

I am only, partially, joking with this headline.

A long time ago in my Digital Nomad days, I had a nice apartment on the ground floor of a building in the Cambodian jungle (seriously) and what I hadn’t realized was that we were getting nocturnal visits from a mouse that was finding its way in through our plumbing at night and then letting itself out again before we awoke.

I learned of this when I came home late one evening and went into the kitchen to make some toast. I dropped some bread in the toaster and clicked it down to toast. Then the bread and a mouse came flying out of the toaster before the surprised and slightly warm rodent ran away.

I never used that toaster again unlike this Disney Toaster. Try out these 50 Best Sandwich Recipes with the Disney Toaster

My Disney Kitchen Teaches Cooking

If you’d like to teach your little ones about the kitchen then this might be the perfect way to learn.

My Disney Kitchen is a YouTube channel in which Disney characters learn to cook. Seriously, it’s great.

Like this episode where they learn to cook spaghetti.

Awesome, right?

So, The Disney Toaster?

Well, it’s a decent quality 2-slice toaster which toasts bread adequately, I could grumble about the lack of a wide setting but it’s not in the product description and at the price – wide settings are few and far between.

It also toasts a neat set of Mickey Mouse ears on to the surface of the bread, and unlike my Cambodian episode, that’s completely hygienic and safe to eat.

Your kids will love this, and to be fair, so does my husband.

You can buy the Disney Toaster on Amazon right now but hurry stocks are dwindling!


  1. Such a fan of Mickey Mouse . This would be the ultimate kitchen jolly. Love it !

  2. ?????? Awesome @kitchenauthority !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????? Thank you for this great opportunity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????

  3. nathalie champagne

    J aimerais le gagner pour ma petite fille océane qui fait ses toast le matin

  4. M…I…C….Hope to SEE you,Mickey toaster,in my kitchen soon.

    K…E…Y….Why? Because I like you!!!

  5. how cute

  6. nathalie champagne

    Ma petite fille serrais contente d’avoir son toaster Disney a la maison !

  7. Love Mickey and Minnie everything …. it’s all magical 🙂 thank you Kitchen Authority (don’t see the form to fill so guessing these comments will get me entered) Thanks 🙂

  8. It would make us smile every morning 🙂

  9. My baby boy’s favorite thing ever is Mickey Mouse. Thanks for the chance.

  10. Love it!

  11. love anything MICKEY

  12. I like Mickey Mouse.

  13. Love the Disney toaster

  14. If I gave this to my friend she would be my best friend forever, LOL

  15. amazing

  16. WOOW Super Génial et tellement magnifique surtout pour nos tout petis mais tous sommes en amour trop cute !!!

  17. Super concours

  18. My daughter loves anything Disney.

  19. Love Mickey and would love to have mouse ears on my toast!

  20. Marie-ève Gélinas


  21. Will never afford to see Mickey in Disneyland, so I’d love to see him on my toast every morning! Would make my day!

  22. What a great prize for a collector!

  23. Katherine Dubreuil

    Cute toaster !

  24. I would like to win!.

  25. Love Disney!

  26. I want the mouse in my house!

  27. I am in to win!

  28. I would love this inmy kitchen thanks

  29. Love everything mickey and minnie

  30. What a perfect toaster.

  31. Elizabeth Anne Keep

    Keep the magic alive!

  32. Love this toaster and have always loved Mickey Mouse!

  33. Mickey Mouse has always been a favorite!!

  34. Awesome! My nieces would love this!!

  35. Dazzling to behold!

  36. love the toaster

  37. It’s so cute. Our little grand kids would love it. Would be sure to eat their toast.

  38. adorable!

  39. Very nice!

  40. Too cute….. I need this pop of color in my kitchen.

  41. Ok, read more and it does the ears.

  42. Aw, I was hoping it would toast Mickey’s image onto the bread.

  43. Only mouse I allow in the house-and he’s welcome!

  44. I really need a toaster.

  45. my grandaughter loves mickey

  46. What a fun toaster!

  47. Kids would LOVE this!!!!

  48. That is one awesome Mickey Toaster!

  49. Love all things Disney <3

  50. I need this!!!!

  51. My Grandchildren would LOVE this.

  52. My great grandchildren would love it!

  53. I need a Mouse in the House. Thx.

  54. so cute would love to have

  55. Have a great day.

  56. So cute! Will match my kid’s Scentsy buddy :0)

  57. Cute, I’m sure my Grand daughter would love it.

  58. would love this

  59. i hope win the toaster be nice prize to win

  60. very neat toaster

  61. This would be great for my grandchildren!


  63. mariangela cortese

    so adorable. my nieces would LOVE this 🙂

  64. Francois Chapdelaine

    Wow! Thank You!

  65. i’m in

  66. Would love to give to mygreatgrandson

  67. There’s a mouse on my toaster….Love Mickey……

  68. Would look awesome in my kitchen

  69. My granddaughter loves Mickey Mouse so much ad she would love this to begin her mornings!

  70. So adoreable a must have!

  71. Would LOVE to win this! Just adorable!

  72. Always a Mickey Mouse fan.

  73. My grandkids would love this! I have 8 saying yes yes yes.

  74. betty j vanbuskirk

    i love mickey mouse

  75. The Disney Toaster is awesome! I’ve never seen one like it. This would be so neat to win, so thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  76. love everything disney

  77. awesome

  78. That is such a cute toaster!

  79. Would love to won the toaster

  80. Love that mouse.

  81. We love Disney, and my grandchildren would get such joy from a Mickey Mouse toaster!!

  82. I love Mickey! Would love the toaster

  83. I would love to win this toaster, then maybe I’ll quit burning it in the oven. Lol

  84. Michael Shackelford

    I am a big Disney fan. I would love to be blessed with this ever so cute toaster =)

  85. Mickey would look great in our kitchen.!!!

  86. adriana riley miller -cuevas


  87. My grandkids love Disney!!

  88. I love all things Disney-it brings out the child in me

  89. Wow, a way to brighten up your kitchen

  90. Love this toaster,

  91. My Grandson would love this toaster…sweeeet….

  92. love to have this is cute shared on facebook

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