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This Dutch Oven Makes The Best Stews And Doesn’t Break The Bank

Hey! My family are big eaters and that means I am often in the kitchen trying to whip up a healthy and wholesome meal and don’t get me wrong, I love doing it but sometimes… I just want something simple and without too much work involved.

That’s where my Dutch Oven comes in. I think that it’s one of these items that every kitchen should have but many don’t because people don’t really know what they are for.

Long, Slow Cooking Without Any Real Effort

The Dutch Oven is the stew maker’s friend. And stews are awesome because they don’t take too much time to put together, all you really need is some meat, some vegetables and some sort of stock or gravy and you’re ready to go and because they help you save money.

Stews are really economic because you don’t need to use the best cuts of meat or the finest quality vegetables, the long cooking period means that even the toughest meat turns tender and it’s the flavor of your veggies that matters most not its appearance.

One Thing You Should Know Before You Get A Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens can absorb a little fat from the food they cook and that means they need to be stored with the lid off. If you leave the lid on, there’s a chance that it won’t smell very nice when you come back to it.

The good news is that a Dutch oven, which is well-cared for, can last a very long time and make stews for decades to come.


  1. Yep, my Mom always had a Dutch Oven in our kitchen along with the speckled pot & pan set. Stew was her go to meal we all loved. I also remember her Iron Skillet and Bundt Cake Pan.

  2. I would love the chance to cook in this beautiful Dutch oven. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  3. I would be so thankful to win this. My grandchildren, daughter and son-in-law are living with my husband and I. We have lots of mouths to feed and this Dutch oven would help do the job.

  4. This matches the my other pieces and I need a Dutch Oven. I especially like this as it is lightweight which will make cooking less of a chore and more of a pleasure.


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This Dutch Oven Makes The Best Stews And Doesn’t Break The Bank 4
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