EdgeStar Wine Cooler Review

We were very happy to see the EdgeStar Wine Cooler review on the editorial schedule here at Kitcvhen Authority. We love win!

The EdgeStar Wine Cooler is a good solution for anyone who needs to store more than a couple of bottles of wine.

Storing wine is a big challenge for any wine lover.

Sure, if you only keep a couple of bottles laying around the home for use in an emergency you’re not going to need a large cooler.

But if you’re passionate about the grape, the EdgeStar Wine Cooler is an amazing addition to the home.

Wine Should Be Stored At A Constant Temperature

It’s important to realize that wine is something of an investment and like all investments, it needs protecting if you want it to retain its value.

edgestar wine cooler

Wine should be stored at temperatures of lower than 75 degrees (24 centigrade) as much as possible.

When the temperature goes above that level – the wine will slowly begin to oxidize, that means it will start the process of alcohol transforming to vinegar.

You can store wine at any temperature below this value.

This will prevent the cork from being drawn in and out of the bottle as the temperature changes (which introduces air into the wine which speeds up the ageing process).

Most importantly, the temperature of wine shouldn’t be allowed to fluctuate more than a few degrees in any single day after you begin to store it.

This is particularly true for red wines which can have their flavor completely destroyed by large, regular temperature changes.

Enter The EdgeStar Wine Cooler

The EdgeStar Wine Cooler is split into two sections the upper zone is for a higher level of cooling than the lower zone.

That means you can draw a distinction between reds and whites or indeed, wines that are nearly ready for consumption and those that are being held for a longer period of time.

It’s also worth noting that most wines should not be held for over 3 years and if you intend to keep wine for longer than this, you should draw and replace the corks or you risk the corks rotting and contaminating the wine.

edgestar wine cooler

One really important feature is that there is an automatic power back up for this cooler.

If you suffer from a power cut, your wine won’t immediately start heating up. This is a very valuable feature when you consider the costs of 34 bottles of wine.

The EdgeStar Wine Cooler is perfect for building in to your home and you can happily run cabinets flush with the sides and a wall flush with the rear without interfering with the operation of the wine cooler.

This is something we really liked and it’s how we’d envision this unit being used in most homes.

We’re not sure how they came to 34 being the “magic number” of bottles but our own wine collection fit comfortably inside this unit.

Once you’ve got a wine cooler you can begin to build a wine collection and delve into the exciting world of wine pairings.

Final Thoughts On The EdgeStar Wine Cooler Review

The EdgeStar 34 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler is a handsome addition to any home.

It ensures that the investment in a quality wine collection is well-protected and always ready to drink. This is a good wine cooler for you.

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