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Elite Cuisine Maxi Matic 4-Cup Coffee Maker – A Big Help In The Morning

Coffee is the lifeblood of America.

OK, maybe I am exaggerating a little but only a little.

It’s certainly the beverage of choice for millions of us as we try to get through the day with as much energy as possible.

For the coffee lovers among us, Elite Cuisine Maxi Matic 4-Cup Coffee Maker is a very sensible solution to having great coffee around the house all of the time. It is certainly a million times better than using *shudder* instant coffee.

Coffee Is Not Just American#

If you feel that drinking coffee is, perhaps, a little too patriotic then you will be pleased to learn that it’s not just Americans that love coffee. The whole world is united in love for the brave flavorsome bean and here are some awesome examples of the global coffee experience:

No Nonsense Coffee Making

It’s fair to say that the Elite Cuisine Maxi Matic 4-Cup Coffee Maker isn’t about fancy coffee. It’s about good old unpretentious morning Joe and that’s the way I like it.

The only thing I wasn’t keen on with this coffee maker was the brand nameplate; it seems a little over the top and out of place on a classy looking device.

However, it makes a decent cup of coffee with no problems at all. You can wash the carafe in the dishwasher, which is a nice touch. It also makes up to 4 medium sized cups in one go. Just enough for my husband and I before we head off to work.

I can recommend the Elite Cuisine Maxi Matic 4-Cup Coffee Maker as a great budget coffee maker for a small family.

If you want additional information about coffee grinders and coffee makers check out our Kitchen Authority Complete Guide to Coffee Makers. It’s an honest appraisal of the best coffee makers.


  1. My bf just dropped ours,his sugar dropped out dismorning..this be nice to win..he is so upset cause we just got the one he broke .his life is more important I told him than the coffee pot

  2. It would be nice to have this coffee maker. I have an expensive one that I have to YouTube to find out how to take mine apart to fix it every now and again to make it work properly

  3. This coffee maker is Perfect! I’m the only coffee drinker in my family😄 And I’d Love to Win this! I Never win Anything ,But I’m optimistic So Thankyou for this opportunity 😍😍💕

  4. This sounds like a wonderful coffee pot! I sure could use a new one since it’s been many years since I bought one! I love the taste of freshly brewed coffee! Thank you for sponsoring this fabulous giveaway! 😁

  5. my coffee maker is not working correctly. i could use this new one. thanks.


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Elite Cuisine Maxi Matic 4-Cup Coffee Maker – A Big Help In The Morning 4
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