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Farmer’s Cheese Making Kit – Make Your Own Cheese At Home!

It will come as no surprise to learn that we love cheese and that, as a family, we consume quite a lot of it.

So, my children and I were very excited when we learned that we would be testing out the Farmer’s Cheese Making Kit.

It comes with everything, except for milk, that you need to make your own cheese. All you need to do is devote 2 hours of your life and a half a gallon of milk to the process and you’ll create tasty cheese in your own home!

Sounded good to us, so how did it turn out?

Making Cheese In A Factory Is Hard

It’s important to note that the cheese you make with this kit is not a hard cheese, hard cheeses are pretty difficult to make (perhaps the clue is in the name, “hard cheese”?) and if you watch this video of a Swiss dairyman, it’ll give you an idea as to why there’s no kit to make this at home:

I wonder if he’s allowed to eat the fruits of his labors? It looks so yummy!

What About The Kit?

Well, the Farmer’s Cheese Making Kit delivered on its promise of cheese within 2 hours and we had a lot of fun making it. The cheese itself is actually OK, it won’t win any awards but then what can you really expect for 2 hours work?

This is more educational toy than culinary genius and that’s fine. I do recommend that you buy the Farmer’s Cheese Making Kit on Amazon and teach your kids about cheese!


  1. i’d like to make cheese. my grandson will squeak. his uncle told him mice like cheese. when he squeaks, we get a clean oil can and pretend to oil the squeak. ok, it’s silly, but fun.

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