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Free Betty Crocker Samples, Cookbook And More!

You won’t believe it but there never was a “Betty Crocker”. It’s a fictional character that came from adverts used by the Washburn-Crosby Company all the way back in 1921. It was created from an entry in a contest run by the Saturday Evening Post.

When General Mills acquired the Washburn-Crosby Company somebody high up decided they liked the Betty character enough that they would retain her and they added the Betty Crocker spoon logo to their portfolio which was used all the way up to 2003.

Nowadays, Betty Crocker is part of the American cultural landscape and you can hear “her” name mentioned in popular TV shows and movies and throughout our literature.

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Some Great News For Betty Crocker Fans

I’ve got some brilliant news for you if you are one of the millions of Americans who regularly buys Betty Crocker products.

They are offering $250 in savings (in the form of coupons) on Betty Crocker products, alongside a huge stack of recipes and cookbooks for free!

All you have to do is sign up for an e-mail newsletter regarding the company’s products and offers. You can only have one e-mail subscription per household though, so don’t try and be greedy – they do filter out additional requests for these coupons.

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Sign up for the helpful Betty Crocker newsletter and receive a ton of free stuff from Betty Crocker! Awesome!


  1. When I was just a little 5 year old girl in 1967. I set on a stool in the kitchen7. Watching her make Betty Crocker recipes. Out of that years book. I wanted it when she pasted. But my oldest brother took it. Hope I can win one.

  2. I would LOVE a Betty Crocker cookbook as it is one that I do not have. I share lots of recipes and tips with my granddaughter and would pass the book on to her. Sarah Crescioni

  3. Got a Betty Crocker cookbook as 1961 wedding gift. Was stolen in 2012. Would love a new one. This one was well used, bookmarked, notated etc. Why they took something so visabably well used???

  4. Would love to win the betty Crocker cookbook and free samples , and coupons please tell were I enter please .

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