George Foreman Panini Press – A Lot Of Muscle For Very Little Cash

This is the second George Foreman device that we’ve reviewed at Kitchen Authority. The first was a rather nifty little burger grill which made rather lovely burgers and fit neatly into the kitchen. This one, however, makes my favorite food of all – toasted sandwiches! And I can’t wait to test it.

The George Foreman Panini Press is up against some tough competition in the sandwich maker category but can the former boxer’s device out punch them? Well, it’s a number one bestseller on Amazon and I think that gives you a clue as to how well it does.

Cleaning Out A George Foreman Device

Instead of showing you a sandwich recipe this week, I am going to show you how to clean a George Foreman panini press without very much effort at all.

I confess, I am a little lazy when it comes to cleaning in my kitchen and this video made my day. The less effort you put in to clean something – the better the food it makes becomes.

The Press And The Paninis

I have to hand it to them, the George Foreman Panini Press effortlessly toasts even the largest of hand-cut sandwiches. Also, it made me feel tough when I was using it, who said celebrity endorsements have no power?

So, yes, I heartily recommend the George Foreman Panini Press and suggest you buy it on Amazon today. You won’t believe how cheap it is!

25 thoughts on “George Foreman Panini Press – A Lot Of Muscle For Very Little Cash

    1. I would love to win..acually I have my first apt.with no dishes r pots & pans sooo I really could use a George Forman panini press

  1. I didn’t know George made these. I have a regular George grill for large meals. This would make meal prep by George complete.

  2. I have the George Foreman Mean Lean Grilling Machine, and it does a terrific job of grilling, especially meats. This Panini press is news to me – I love sandwiches toasted hot and melty in a Panini press. If I won this, I would be able to prepare them at home without the added expenses of going out to a restaurant to eat. Yes, winning this press by George Foreman would be a joy. Thank you for running this contest.

  3. I Love this😍😍😍 My old George Foreman was loaned to my sister and Never given back😣 We Would Love to Win this One! I Promise it will be used often😗😗😗😗💕

  4. I loved this place! It was perfect! I enjoyed the food, drinks and the environment! Would love to go again, but next time with a man!!!

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