Gibson Home Bakeware Set Review Is Baking Essential

It feels like a while since we’ve featured a nice bakeware set on Kitchen Authority. That’s a shame because I think baking is what really makes a kitchen.

There’s no better smell in the world than that of fresh cakes or muffins filling the home. It brings a smile to a face on even the toughest day and says, “I love you” to your family without words but with real strength.

This is a great set. Let’s take a look.

Banana Muffins Are Amazing

I am just going to cave to my inner sweet cravings and go with banana muffins today. They’re a great source of potassium as well as a bit of sugar for the family and they smell even better than chocolate muffins.

And yes, I’ve just finished baking mine. Yum. Check out Allrecipes’ version of banana muffins here.

For additional inspiration on ideas for baking check out our 30 Classic Desserts article or browse some of the best baking blogs (in our opinion). Right, now we have something to cook…

What About This Gibson Home Bakeware Set?

The first thing you notice about this set is that it’s bright and cheery. My kids were excited just to see these bakeware trays in action. That made me feel even better about using them.

Gibson Home Bakeware Set

The second is that they are, like most Gibson Home products, well-made and well-finished. They clean reasonably well and don’t scratch. Which means the muffins I made rocked.

So, they get the Kitchen Authority seal of approval. You can buy the Gibson Home ColorSplash Lyneham 5 Piece Carbon Steel Bakeware Set for a very reasonable price online.


  1. I would love to win this bake set. Ours is so old and getting rusty and my husband just lost his job so right now we’re not able to buy anything except pay the bills. Thank you for this great opportunity to enter this contest.

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