Good Housekeeping Kids Cook Is A Neat Way To Get Your Kids Involved In The Kitchen

My kids have always wanted to get involved in the kitchen and I am keen to encourage them to do so. After all, cooking is an essential life skill.

I was shocked when I went to college and realized how many of my peers couldn’t even cook a hot dog (something of sufficiently low skill that I think you could train a hamster to do it).

So, Good Housekeeping’s Kids Cook! is an excellent addition to the family library. Not only does it walk you through helping your kids learn to cook but it provides a ton of fun and exciting recipes for them to make.

You can’t ask for much more than that.

Good Housekeeping Kids Cook Is A Neat Way To Get Your Kids Involved In The Kitchen 1

Ruby’s Good Too

If you prefer video guides for these things then you can find Kris & Jodie with Ruby teaching kids how to cook on YouTube.

I very much enjoyed watching this but I’ll be honest that Good Housekeeping book is a much better resource:

Cute though, right?

So, About The Book

Katie A on Amazon says:

“We got this was a gift from a grandparent, and my 8yo daughter loves it!!! She still needs a bit of help with reading it, but it has recipes that appeal to kid taste buds and are straightforward to make. Today we made the Nutella croissants and they were a big hit! Awesome, solid children’s cookbook.”

My kids agree with her. We’ve had so much fun together in the kitchen with this.

You do need an adult overseeing the process – no child should be left along in the kitchen but these are very easy recipes and kids can follow them easily.

You can get your copy of Good Housekeeping Kids Cook online for a very reasonable price.

I strongly recommend that you do if you’re looking for some family fun that doesn’t cost the earth!

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