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GreenLife Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Review

GreenLife Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware

One of Kitchen Authority’s readers said that she wanted to know why I hadn’t reviewed a ceramic cookware set yet.

She pointed out that ceramics are often the best things to cook with because they are completely chemically neutral and can’t leave a trace in the food you cook.

In truth, it’s just because I haven’t got around to it yet, but Jenny if you’re reading this – this one’s for you now. I picked the GreenLife Ceramic Non-stick Cookware Set to test first and I am sure there will be many others to come in the future.

The Non-Toxic Choice Is GreenLife Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware

Fans of ceramics are all about it being the most environmentally sound and also the healthiest choice. Ceramics (which used to be “pottery” when I was young) are baked clay with a glaze on top. The glaze is completely non-toxic and acts as a barrier to ensure that food doesn’t contaminate the clay and vice-versa.

It’s tough enough that you can’t break through that glaze without destroying the cookware in the process; so you can rely on your food being contaminant-free when you cook in ceramics.

How Does Food Taste Cooked In GreenLife Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware

There is, of course, no real difference in taste. Even if your aluminum pans were leaving a deposit on your food, it would be so slight on an individual meal that you wouldn’t be able to taste it. So, the food from a ceramic pan is the same.

However, there is a difference in that ceramic pans are great in the dishwasher (much more so than metal pans) and they also seem to heat more evenly but at the price of taking a little longer to warm up in the first place.

I liked the GreenLife Ceramic Non-stick Cookware Set and will be using them again in the future.

If you’re a fan of new or interesting kitchen tools like we are at Kitchen Authority then check out our article that outlines the best kitchen gadgets.


  1. I hope I get to throw away my old cookware soon. This cookware would be a nice replacement and really appreciated.

  2. I would not know what to do if I won this beautiful cookware. The ones I have need to be thrown out. I would love to cook in something new. Thank you for this great opportunity.

  3. My household really needs new cookware so we can finally throw away our old pots and pans. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome cookware.


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