Deluxe DIY Gourmet Hot Sauce Kit Review

I started growing some of my own food recently, starting with a really easy to use mushroom grow kit.

Then, I decided that was so much fun, I’d try some other growing ideas, and someone showed me the Grow and Make: Deluxe DIY Gourmet Hot Sauce Kit.

My family loves a good BBQ and we’ve all developed a taste for hot sauces, so this seemed like a great way to get into making them.

Deluxe DIY Gourmet Hot Sauce Kit Review


The Grow and Make: Deluxe DIY Gourmet Hot Sauce Kit is great but there’s no growing involved. Just making.

I was a little disappointed about that, until I realized that meant we could cut to the chase and have sauces for our BBQ the same weekend! Check out this video for step-by-step instructions to make your own hotsauce.

As you can see from the video, making these sauces is pretty easy and in fact, my eldest boy helped me with making ours.

Don’t forget, however, that hot sauces do contain hot peppers and you need to keep a close watch on children to ensure they don’t get any in their eyes.

It Was Just So Much Fun

It’s nice to have a little mother-son bonding and hot sauces let my boy feel “manly” (yes, he’s having one of those phases) in the kitchen.

Not every sauce that we made was spectacular but each of them was tasty and interesting.

I feel we both learned a lot about how to work with pepper in the kitchen too.

The instructions are reasonably clear but there’s some room for improvement particularly when working with children.

They were the one weak feature of this kit and I hear the new version of the kit has got better instructions but don’t let this hold you back, you can always watch the video above for extra help.

You can buy the DIY Gourmet Hot Sauce Kit online and it’s not expensive.

Love BBQ? Slather your own homemade hot sauce all over some grilled meats this summer!


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