The Best Family Electric Sandwich Maker Ever

The Hamilton Beach Dual Electric Sandwich Maker is the best family electric sandwich maker available hands down!

That’s why it topped its class in our recent guide to the best sandwich makers of this year. Let’s take a look at why!

Hamilton Beach Dual Electric Sandwich Maker

Our Testing & Review Criteria

We actually prefer panini presses because of their flexibility when it comes to bread type but this electric sandwich maker is set up a little differently from most and that means you can still be more flexible about the bread you choose and, better still, you can use bread rolls.

Size is a weighting factor in our judging process and there are definitely bigger electric sandwich makers out there, but we’ve noticed a lot of families still opt for a two-sandwich version rather than something that takes up more space. This does two breakfast sandwiches at a time.

We also examine the quality of the hinges and any locks on the product. There’s no front lock on the breakfast sandwich maker because of the unusual internal structure. The hinges, however, are built to last. The individual cooking rings (that allow you to cook eggs as part of the sandwich) are also well made.

The plates are really good quality and as long as you’re careful with them; they’re going to last nearly forever.

The biggest factor in our decision-making process, however, is the unusual design which allows you to compile and cook a much better sandwich than most sandwich makers and the facility to cook your eggs in a sandwich is just brilliant.

My kids love this sandwich maker most of anything in our kitchen. It’s brilliant.

A Sandwich To Try

You’re obviously going to try a breakfast sandwich in this sandwich maker but why not also try a chocolate sandwich, like this one?

You can get a lot more chocolate in than when you use a more regular sandwich toaster! Yum.

Last Word

It’s a funny looking contraption but the Hamilton Beach Dual Electric Sandwich Maker is just brilliant at what it does. If you love a top quality breakfast, then this is for you. It makes great sandwiches at all other times too.

You can check out the price of the Hamilton Beach Dual Electric Sandwich Maker here.


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