Hamilton Beach Panini Press And Gourmet Sandwich Maker Review

The Hamilton Beach Panini Press is a toasted sandwich lovers best friend. The toasted sandwich is among my family’s most favorite lunch choices.

In our recent round up of the best sandwich makers the Hamilton Beach Panini Press and Gourmet Sandwich Maker was our “best solo panini press” and that’s because it’s a great product at a great price.

One of the drawbacks, however, of the traditional toasted sandwich maker, is that there’s not much more than toasted sandwiches you can do in it. You also need to use sliced bread or risk very badly misshapen toasties.

The Hamilton Beach Panini Press tackles this problem from another angle. A big open grill surface means you can toast anything you darn well please, including paninis, English muffins and more! But does it do the job, well?

Hamilton Beach Panini Press Makes Yummy Chicken Paninis

One of my favorite panini recipes is a classic from Allrecipes one of the Internet’s greatest recipe providers.

This is a great blend that gives you a crisp warm crunch in the mouth and a ton of flavor too.

Check it out!

Is your mouth watering now? Mine is.

Our Judging Criteria For The Hamilton Beach Panini Press

We like panini presses as our preferred option for making toasted sandwiches. They allow you to use a much wider choice of bread (and bread products – a bagel, for example, will work great in a panini press) than the more standard electric sandwich makers do.

Size is an important part of our decision making process and we try to pick with the family in mind. It’s fair to say that this Hamilton Beach model can cater for a family but it may be better suited to couples and singles.

You’re going to need to keep going back to make more sandwiches if you have little ones to cater for too.

Hamilton Beach Panini Press

The quality of the plates is vital. Cheap plates in sandwich makers are a bad compromise – they quickly scratch and then all your sandwich is stuck inside the sandwich maker rather than on your plate.

This Hamilton Beach model has good quality plates which can be easily cleaned.

The rest of the product is also reasonably well built. There’s no front lock on this but the hinges are robust enough to take a reasonable amount of wear and tear. It’s also easy to use and operate and to store when necessary.

Putting The Hamilton Beach To Work

It’s always nice to be able to put a kitchen item straight to work and who doesn’t love a toasted sandwich?

We think you ought to try the excellent toasted sandwich recipe from Gordon Ramsay to get started. It’s included in our round-up of the 50 Best Sandwiches. This panini press is perfect for working with the sourdough bread he recommends.

FInal Thoughts On The Hamilton Beach Panini Press

Hamilton Beach has done it again. This is a very low-cost product but it packs plenty of punch and it works exactly as it should. I love making my own bread but find slicing it for toasties is a nightmare. Well, not anymore.

Hamilton Beach Panini Press Panini On Plate

So, yes, I highly recommend the Hamilton Beach Panini Press. It’s the perfect product and my kids absolutely love it too. I am keeping one of these for long-term use. It’s an attractively priced top quality panini press.

It’s built to last and our only real complaint is that it could be bigger but that would probably cost more.

For more information about buying a new sandwich maker check out the Kitchen Authority Complete Guide to Sandwich Makers.

You can check the price of the Hamilton Beach Panini Press and Gourmet Sandwich Maker on Amazon.


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