Hamilton Beach Personal Pod Coffee Maker Review

Initially I was reluctant to review the Hamilton Beach Personal Pod Coffee Maker. I’ll be upfront with you, I’d never put this coffee machine in my kitchen.

We drink far too much coffee in my house for a single cup device to last more than a week or two in the kitchen.

But… I don’t think that’s important, either.

I loved the Hamilton Beach Personal One Cup Pod Brewer and it now has pride of place next to my laptop in my home office.

There is nothing better than being able to make a hot cup of coffee while I’m in “flow” and not having to interrupt work for it.

You don’t want this in your kitchen but you do want it in your office!

See It In Action

We bought our Hamilton Beach Personal One Cup Pod Brewer from Amazon but the good folks at KaTom Restaurant Supplies apparently stock it too and they liked it enough to make a video of it in action.

So, you can check it out and see how easily it would slot into your life before you make a decision to purchase it.

Pretty straightforward, isn’t it?

What I Thought Of The Hamilton Beach Personal Pod Coffee Maker

I had a small coffee machine in the office before but it wasn’t quite small enough to go on my desk.

So, while it was conveniently located… I had to break my concentration to get some caffeine.

I never have to do that with the Hamilton Beach Personal One Cup Pod Brewer as it’s got such a wonderfully small footprint.

This isn’t the cheapest solo coffee maker I’ve examined but I do think it’s the best value.

I feel like as long as you take care of it the Hamilton Beach Personal One Cup Pod Brewer will last for a very long time indeed. The coffee it makes is great too.

You can buy the Hamilton Beach Personal One Cup Pod Brewer on Amazon for less than $20 and I think if you work from home, you should buy it too.

If you want additional information about coffee makers don’t miss our Complete Guide to Coffee Makers.


  1. Debbie Lewandowski

    My daughter has returned three. coffeemakers that she is not happy with.
    Lets try this one.
    Simple & space saver. She’ll like that.

  2. that would be nice! and helpful

  3. Pamela J. Planker

    I’d love a one-cup pa joe anytime!

  4. This would be great love to have this shared on facebook

  5. just what I need

  6. very nice and so useful for me

  7. This is just perfect!

  8. I’m the only one who like a nice cup of coffee in the morning.This would be great for my household.

  9. Just nice for one cup of coffee.

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