Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker Review

This Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker review signals my return to my quest for the perfect sandwich maker.

My next stop on the tour is this rather sleek and attractive Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker.

Hamilton Beach is becoming one of my favorite value brands and this was no exception.

Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker Review

I like the matte black finish on this. It’s how appliances are supposed to look, at least if you grew up in the 1990s.

It won’t be to everyone’s taste but I find the Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker looks right in my kitchen and that made it easy to welcome in and test it! 

You can also compare this Hamilton Beach model with other sandwich makers and choose the best sandwich maker for you in the Kitchen Authority Guide to Sandwich Makers.

Don’t Like Sandwiches?

Hey! If you’re not a big fan of sandwiches, it turns out that there are other things you can do with a Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker.

Like make pancakes with them!

I’m not making this up – you can check out a demonstration on YouTube here:

I love it when you can extend the use of a device beyond it’s intended use. It’s more money saved!

So, How Were The Pancakes?

The pancakes were pretty good and so were the sandwiches I made in the Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker.

Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker Reviews

My boys thought they were among the best we’ve made so far.

I’d also note that it was easier to clean that some of the other sandwich makers and for that and it’s stylish looks, I have no hesitation in recommending this sandwich maker.

You can find the Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker on Amazon.


  1. Would love to win the FAVORITE
    Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker
    so that I could donate it to our local
    soup kitchen to aid the needy

  2. Oh my my!! Retro & love it. Growing up I enjoyed using a sandwich maker. We used it at home & camping. From grilled cheese to apple turnovers!! I would love to win this to make memories with my children. Good luck everyone.

  3. i had a couple of these years ago when my kids were little , i use to use them for lunch and snacks and their bday parties, and have pie and melty type fillings on a table and let them pick their own ingredients and make them little hand sandwiches or pies. i had forgotten all about. would love to win one so i can do the same with the grandkids now that i remember it lol . good luck every one

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