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Hamilton Beach Wavestation – Big Smoothie Maker

Hamilton Beach is one of those brands that I have a growing admiration for. All of their products are at the affordable end of the spectrum.

You’re never going to find a $300 toaster from them or a $1,000+ coffee machine. Yet, they’re all top quality.

The Hamilton Beach Wavestation is no different.

It’s a rock solid blender that hits all the high notes for me, the smoothies are awesome and it’s at a price that shouldn’t break the bank for anyone. So, let’s see what’s what.

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Go Nuts With Their Blenders!

It turns out that I am not the only fan of Hamilton Beach, CNet the tech review company, recently put one of their blenders on trial and were surprised to conclude that it performed like a much more expensive blender.

If you’d like to see that trial where CNet goes to town on a Hamilton Beach blender, you can watch it here:

So, What Did I Think?

I concur with CNET. This is a $35 blender that feels like a much more expensive product. It smashes ice to pieces and doesn’t break a sweat doing it.

There was nothing that it couldn’t tackle and my smoothies were smoother than smooth.

In fact, I liked the Wavestation so much that it earned a permanent place in my kitchen as my secondary blender.

And if I were to buy a new blender tomorrow, I can’t think of one that I’d rather have. It’s solid, easy to use and clean and tears up every job.

Want a Hamilton Beach Wavestation? Buy it from Amazon here.


  1. wow I’m 70 years young and this would be great to Win .. and I want to Thank you for the Chance to Win it Thank You Thank You <3 !!

  2. All my daughter eats is noodles and rice. Anything she considers easy to make. Well what could be easier?
    Thanks for the chance.

  3. That’s looks great to have it,my youngest son want to make smoothie he learn from school but I don’t have it at all.he 12 years old that’s good for him to learn

  4. I want to win this giveaway so I can make Yummy 😋 smoothies thanks for giving me the opportunity to win this giveaway! Good luck 🍀


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