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Home Canning And Preserving

I sometimes think that despite all the progress we’ve made in the modern world, we’ve also lost a lot of what made our kitchens amazing places to be.

Take home canning, for example, in my mother’s day – every housewife in America (OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but trust me, it was a lot of housewives) was canning their own food at home.

Now? Everyone’s too darned busy to think about it.

Which is a shame because it can save you a ton of money, improve the quality of your food and it makes really tasty treats!

So, I went back to basics with Home Canning and Preserving by Janet Cooper this week and I think you should too.

Jam Is Good Food

If you need some encouragement to get into home canning and preserving, check out this awesome video from Crouton Crackerjacks on how to make strawberry jam.

My mouth’s watering just thinking about it:

I love strawberry jam. So, do all my family!

Final Thoughts on Home Canning And Preserving

Home Canning and Preserving by Janet Cooper is the guide every man and woman who spends time in the kitchen should own.

The instructions are simple and straightforward, and I had a lot of fun making my own pickles and preserves.

Get your copy of Home Canning and Preserving by Janet Cooper on Amazon now!

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  1. We have been pressure cooker canning tomatoes and cooking down to tomatoe paste, but would like to learn “old time” recipes and procedures for jams, jelly’s, and veggies.

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